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And Yes, I Need To Be Institutionalized September 20, 2014

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Well hello there!  Yes, I am perfecting the art of being a crappy blogger by going MIA often.  Sorry about that.  When there’s nothing much to post, I don’t.  Welcome to my uber boring world.  It’s actually not so uber boring but if I told you all of the shit that goes on, you might think I’m actually making it up.

Like when a friend, now very much an EX friend, opted to send me a randomly shitty text about what a horrid person I am and then proceeded to list all the reasons that I can’t keep a man interested.  Uhm, what?  I hadn’t even spoken to him in ages.  I’ve always known he was a rage filled man and recovering alcoholic, but I have also always defended him to others and was quite certain that under all his gruff that he had a heart of gold.  What do you know?  I was wrong.  Asshole.

Like the fact that TD flits in and out at his own will and although I steer clear and he still manages to make me feel like complete shit at times, he actually did a bit of construction for me at my new house.  Oh wait, did you all just fall off your chairs?  Well don’t.  No need to worry.  Although I’ve claimed, many MANY times in the past, to ‘get it’.  I truly do.  He never cared for me in the way I thought he did.  I filled a void for him when he needed it and then when he didn’t, due to the fact that he doesn’t like to be the ‘bad guy’ and just tell me, honestly, that he was done with me (which, ironically would have made him kind of a stand up, good guy), he kept me on the fringes and made me feel that everything was my fault and forced me to be the one walk away time and again and would then get mad at me for walking away.  Yes, fucked up as it is, that’s our history.  He’s still with horseface and they’re in love.  He has settled on someone that doesn’t challenge him in the least, who brings nothing to the table and who doesn’t bring out the best in anyone that she’s around.  He has chosen her because she is simple.  He can live up only to 1/2 of his potential and half ass everything and she’ll be fine with that.  Not my problem.

Like the fact that, even though I swore off online dating after the 2nd of 2 potentially great guys made up lame excuses to bail on me, that in a fit of insanity, I signed back up for Match.  What?  They caught me during a moment of weakness and lured me in with their 3 months for $30 bullshit.  I caved, I know.  And am already regretting it.  I have gotten winks and messages from all the creepers who pounce on ‘fresh meat’ the second they join and have gotten many winks from men that I remember from years ago ….. who have yet to change their pictures.  In reading through ‘matches’ (read: dregs of society), I actually found 3 men yesterday that struck my fancy.  They were handsome, my height or taller, and could string all their words together without sounding like a moron.  Oh, and none of them were holding a fish.  Or a dead whatever in any of their pics.  1 of them got a wink.  The other 2 got well crafted, short notes.  They all immediately looked at my profile.  And ignored my interest.  Yey me.  The one that I sent a wink to actually did send me a short message thanking me for the wink, saying he didn’t think we were a good match and wished me well in my search.  Not sure if I would rather have that or just be ignored.

I’ve opted to adopt that style though.  I will reply to those that take the time to write me with a short note of thank you, best of luck, but I’m not your gal.  I usually just ignore messages I’m not interested in, but as I’m still single, maybe that has contributed to my dating karma, so I’m switching it up this time.

Let’s see how this goes……..



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