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New Approach To Messages… September 21, 2014

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As I said yesterday, I’ve opted to adopt a new approach when I receive messages from men that I’m not interested in. Instead of just ignoring them, I send a short ‘thanks for the note, but I don’t think we’d be a good match. good luck in your search’. Thought that might earn me some cosmic bonus points. I’m already regretting that decision.

The 2nd man that I sent my polite decline to promptly wrote back and asked me why. And called me by the wrong name. Huh? I (somewhat) honestly told him that although his profile was well written and he sounded like a nice man, that it just didn’t excite me. As I feared that would then garner yet another ‘but why?’, I threw in the fact that our astrological signs aren’t compatible. Yes, I’m just that lame. NO, I don’t follow astrology! I was grasping at straws for reasons that he couldn’t ‘argue’.

In the end, I just didn’t want to hurt his feelings so although my ‘we’re not cosmically compatible’ excuse was lame beyond belief, I thought it was much nicer than sending ‘your shorter than I am, not attractive, live far and you’re holding a picture of a fish in your profile’.

So wait, does actually fibbing in my response to him negate the bonus karmic points I was trying to earn in the 1st place?


2 Responses to “New Approach To Messages…”

  1. In my experience men prefer lies over honesty when honesty means he is being rejected. I tried that approach while dating – the whole being honest that I didn’t think we had a connection thing – and more often than not those men I thought I was being courteous to tried to degrade me after I rejected them. I got called a whore many times, a fat ass (as a size 10, which I suppose could be debatable in the man world), and a bitch more times than I can count. I ended up stopping the honesty because I found that it just turned many of them into animals.

    While I wanted responses and to know why they didn’t call me back after a great date, these men were all too damn pussy to just hear that I didn’t think we were a match. Who knew.

    • Ugh, people amaze me. I have had a few issues with the guys either a) wanting to know exactly why b) trying to change my mind c) being rude, so I guess I’ll go back to just ignoring the ones that don’t interest me (although I think it’s kinda rude)…

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