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No More Mrs Nice Guy September 30, 2014

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So I tried my new theory of responding to messages from guys I wasn’t interested in to let them know exactly once.  And I’m still paying for it.

A gentleman that I wasn’t the least bit interested in wrote me a message.  I kindly responded saying we weren’t a good match.  He writes back, calling me the wrong name, and wanting to know why I felt that way.  As I thought it would be rude of me to say I wasn’t attracted to him in the least, I made up some bullshit about our astrological signs not being compatible and I just didn’t feel like I connected with anything he wrote.

Nice, right? Nothing he could argue with and nothing that would hurt his feelings.  I was rewarded with yet another message asking if I was sure and if I shouldn’t at least give him a shot.

I didn’t respond.  Today he sends yet ANOTHER message just checking in.  He wanted to remind me that he was the one who sent me the nice message (it wasn’t that nice and he called me the wrong name) and wanted to see if I was still interested in getting to know each other.

What?!?!?!  Uhm, I didn’t want to get to know him.  Never did.  So much for trying to be nice.


9 Responses to “No More Mrs Nice Guy”

  1. MrsH Says:

    Oh my! You can’t win. I guess it was a bit like spam, when you replied he got excited as he’d found a “live one” even if he didn’t really take on board your message. I confess, I didn’t reply to those, well, hardly ever. Once or twice I received really lovely emails and I did reply with a “thanks but no thanks” polite message and never had a problem. Good luck!

    • Thanks MrsH! So strange, I thought I was home free after his ‘please reconsider’ message, but then when this last one arrived, a week later, it surprised me. Worse thing is, I don’t think he even bothers to read messages. Calling me the wrong name, asking if I was ‘still interested’ after I clearly let him know I wasn’t….kind of annoying. Whew, got my mini rant out for the day πŸ™‚

  2. singleguynyc Says:

    The fine line between persistence and annoyance mixed the feeling of rejection. This’ll work for some but not others. I wouldn’t have been a pest but it reminds me of a piece of advice I hear being said to single guys. Which is, be persistent with a touch of apathy. Strange combo if you ask me. Some people just can’t get a hint.

  3. Dawn Says:

    So I went out with this guy a few years ago. After our second date all my flags were going off. Needless to say it didn’t go well…and after receiving a happy birthday text months after telling him I was not interested, I asked him to please delete my number. He’s on every single dating site I’ve come across and he finds me ever damn time. And he messages me or “flirts” or whatever…ever single time. FINALLY I responded. “No thank you, once was enough.” That was it.
    Now…I figured he would get the hit. He got angry and vulgar. I responded again saying that my response was not rude nor did I choose to use vulgar language. He then went on to say that my message WAS rude and that I had judged him unfairly and so on and so on….
    Honestly. Whatever it was or wasn’t, I was not then and am not now interested. Why do they feel the need to beat a dead horse???? Shit, he’s had more long term relationships than I have…move on little buddy, move on.

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