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Happy Movie Watching and Chinese Food Eating Day! December 25, 2014

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Well that’s how we Jews roll on Christmas you know. 😉 I got the movie part covered, but opted out of Chinese food.  Anyway, I hope everyone had a great holiday (whatever that holiday may be).

I had a request to post an update.  Fair warning, it’s not my fault if you all doze off and topple out of your chairs while reading it.  It’s none too exciting.

I’ve been off the dating scene for a few months now.  It’s just not the time for me.  Although the prospect of being able to date an overweight, sarcastic, whiny woman with a limp is probably uber appealing to some, those in my town will just have to wait a bit longer. 😉 As we all know (and are all tired of hearing), it’s been a very tough year for me.  Seemingly an ongoing trend.  I’m putting a stop to that trend now.  Okay, on the 1st.

It’s been a year full of pain and frustration.  Both physical and emotional.  I’ve discovered that I have some pretty amazing friends.  I’ve also discovered that people I thought were pretty amazing friends just aren’t.  I can’t make people want to be my friend.  Either they want to or they don’t and it’s their loss if they choose the latter.

I spent last night at a friend’s family’s Christmas Eve dinner.  I wasn’t looking forward to going, but I went.  I had a great time.  I ate too much, I disposed of much champagne and I made a few new friends.  I’m a pretty good person and guess what?  Most people, for whatever reason, like me.  Some even call me entertaining.  Go me.  Those that think differently are welcome to do so.

I can’t worry about pleasing everyone.  I’ve done that way too long and it hasn’t boded well for me (kinda think I just made up ‘boded’).  I’m not where I want to be in my life right now, but where I am isn’t too shabby.  Although I’d much rather be snuggled up on the couch with someone special, the fact that I at least have the option to go out and do fun things several times a week (if only for distraction) is pretty nice.

I’ve got an upcoming trip planned to visit a friend in the frozen tundra.  I just didn’t feel like going through another NYE at home.  Friends or no friends, NYE is a tough one for me.  So I’m leaving town.  And although I love my friend dearly that I’m going to visit, I have decided that I need to make better friends in more tropical locales. 😉 A high of 20 on the day I fly in isn’t all that appealing to me.  Go figure.

I will go into 2015 knowing that it will be a good year.  I will not set goals or expectations.  I will try to be happy ‘in the moment’ and not worry about what’s to come.  I will do my best to hold on to my re-discovered sense of optimism.  I’ve missed it.  No one can make me happy but me.  And once I’m there, I’ll find my special someone to complete the picture.  I’ve said all along that I’m a better person when in a relationship.  I am at my best when I have someone to take care of.  What I’ve also realized is that although I don’t ‘have’ to have someone to take care of me, I really do want that.  And I need to show it more.  I’m kind of a tough cookie and don’t let many people in.  I use my humor as a shield and act as if I can conquer anything.  Er, I kinda can’t and there’s nothing wrong with admitting that.

I have a feeling that 2015 is going to be a good year.  I don’t know how or in what ways, but it will.  I’ll make sure of it.  Those that want to be a part of it will be glad they did.  Those that opted out will not be my concern.  I can’t save the world.  I can’t help those that don’t want my help.  I can do all that I can to achieve my own goals in many different aspect.  The ones that choose to take that ride with me will be very lucky.

For now, at least, it’s all about short term goals.  Like hoping I get a really cute TSA agent to do my pat down at the airport when my robo-knee sets off security!  Wish me luck!


11 Responses to “Happy Movie Watching and Chinese Food Eating Day!”

  1. Merry Christmas!!! And here’s to a fabulous 2015!!!!

  2. 1smiles Says:

    Have a wonderful New Year, (even if it is in the tundra).

  3. Dawn Says:

    You go girl. 2015 will rock!

  4. Dan Says:

    Hey GG,

    Rock on, and have a great Holiday.

  5. Matthew Says:

    Happy Belated Holiday and other holiday sayings of your people! 😛

    Can’t believe you opted out of Chinese food. Becca and I ended up doing things with her family on Christmas Eve so we weren’t able to get our (my) traditional Chinese take-out and watch holiday movies (though earlier that day I made sure to watch Die Hard).

    Have a great New Years (where ever your mystery locale may be)…though part of me is thinking it’s KC because it’s currently about 20 here too…..hmmmmm…….

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