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I Think It’s Trying To Tell Me Something January 9, 2015

Filed under: internet dating — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 8:18 am

So as part of my annoyingly positive ‘year of 2015’ shenanigans, I am determined to get back into shape.  Dating shape.  Not the roll-down-the-hill-at-top-speed kinda shape I’m in now.  I’ve let things go for too long and I’m at a point where I either lose the weight I’ve managed to pack on in the past year, or resign myself to a life of celibacy.  And cats.  Can’t forget the cats.

I had always planned to start my ‘get fit no so quick’ program the Tuesday that I got back into town.  The fact that when I stepped on the scale this morning that it actually said ‘error’ and then promptly broke (not in half, silly – I’m not THAT big) kind of supports my decision that now’s the time.

As I measure all things dating by the number of cocktails involved and as cocktails are off limits for the next long little while, I’m going to have to figure out what else to write about because, lucky you, I’m going to try to write more.  Write more, whine less.   Oy vey, what the hell am I going to write about?


5 Responses to “I Think It’s Trying To Tell Me Something”

  1. gallusgirl Says:

    Why not write about getting back into shape? You’re certainly not alone in that quest (I myself am just trying to haul myself out of a vat of chocolate to get myself into some sort of decent shape before my 40th this year) and it may help keep you accountable?

    • Thanks for the suggestion but I don’t really like to talk about my dieting and such. Weird, I know. I won’t even go out (socially; of course I leave the house) until I’m a month in. Once I set my mind to something, I stick with it and will absolutely hold myself accountable. As I’m still dealing with a knee that doesn’t quite work, there’s no real exercise regime. I have to work out like an old lady would. 😉 Good for you for working on things before you reach the big 4-0! I think my metabolism literally fell out of my body and died right around that time. Chocolate will always be there, now is the time to work on you! 🙂

  2. Hopelessly Romantic Cinderella Says:

    I am not quite 43 yet…but I am clocking on 30 after wasting the best part of my 20s fighting for a guy that just gave up on me. I’ll certainly be following your story as inspiration. Please read my first blog post here : https://hoplesslyromanticcinderella.wordpress.com

    • Thanks for the link and the comment. Sadly, it seems as if we all have spent way too much time putting effort into the wrong guys. 😦 Horrible feeling when someone gives up on you. Don’t lose hope; the right one is out there for you and all you’ve gone through in the past will just make you appreciate the right one when you find him!

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