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Hopeful, Hopeless or Completely Insane January 21, 2015

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So here we are, nearing the end of January of my ‘2015 is going to be a great year’ campaign.  And I’m lonely.  I have great friends and there is always something for me to do should I so choose, but the fact remains that after I’m done doing all my fun ‘me’ things, I come home to an empty bed.  Well, when I can get one of my dogs to stop lounging all over it, that is.

I miss being part of a ‘we’.  I’ve said it before and I truly believe that I am a better person when in a relationship.  Not a different person, but a better version of me.  I like having someone to take care of and in addition to having someone to take care of me I take better care of me when part of a duo.

Nope, no need to unsubscribe to my blog just yet.  This is not going to be one of those mopey & introspective posts that I’ve written WAY too many of.  If I were you, and I actually charged for this, I’d suggest you demand a refund for the past 2 years worth of self pitying mopery I’ve made you all read.

So here we are.  Again.  And unless I want to start seductively perching myself on the edge of every bar stool in town, I am faced with another round of online dating.  And, inevitably, much more cocktailing in order to get myself thru said round of online dating.

Which sites to give a whirl this time?  I met 2 seemingly great guys last year.  One on E-Harm (who turned out to be a beer swilling liar) and one on Ok-Cupid (who turned out to, well, not like me enough in the end – which was actually just the beginning).  Although I kind of like the window shopping aspect of Match, I find that as I get older (and better – duh), those that window shop for me seems to get less and less.  In both quality and number.  Such a dilemma.  I think I’ll make one of my infamous lists.  Yey you!


~PRO – I can set my own search perimeters

~CON – I can set my own search perimeters, which hasn’t worked so well in the past


~PRO – I can kill 4 days setting up a new profile and taking a whole new personality quiz in order for their trained monkeys to pair me with my ‘perfect’ matches

~CON – Those ‘perfect’ matches will inevitably be 5″2′ and live one state away

Ok-Stupid, oopsie, Cupid:

~PRO – it’s free; the quizzes are fun; I can block the creepy guys

~ CON – it’s free and there seems to be lots of questionable intentions….and creepy guys


~PRO – just kidding.  Checking to make sure you’re paying attention

Plenty of Fish:

~PRO – none

~CON – I don’t want or need any communicable diseases


~PRO – Jewish men are supposed to take wonderful care of their women (ginormous generalization, I know) and as a tall, blonde, blue eyed Jew who doesn’t like shopping myself, I’m a bit of a rarity

~CON – too bad they’re mostly short, nappy haired momma’s boys who I am never attracted to

There are so many different sites to choose from.  Where do you suggest I find a sweet, smart, semi nerdy, non sloth-like guy with a fun personality, no chip on his shoulder, looking for a slightly used, slightly cynical, smart, funny, tall woman who loves a good cocktail on the beach?!  Shouldn’t be too hard, right?


9 Responses to “Hopeful, Hopeless or Completely Insane”

  1. Hopelessly Romantic Cinderella Says:

    Someone once told me you should do what you love and what makes you happy and then the right man with similar interests will be attracted to you. In addition to a dating site, why not join some form of activity/social club where you can meet people with the same interests. And that way even if you don’t meet the right guy…you will at least be having fun and making friends as well.

    Please check out my latest post : https://hoplesslyromanticcinderella.wordpress.com/

    • Thanks HRC. I do go out and do what I like (what else do you do when single?) and belong to several social groups, hasn’t panned out well for dating, but I’ve made tons of new female friends 😉

  2. Matthew Says:

    You forgot Craigslist. 😉

    While I was in Orlando I saw an advertisement for a dating site called CougarLife.com. You could always try that. Find yourself a young buck.

  3. Well first off let me say, I love your posts! Why not try Geek2Geek? Its a paid site which is the downside, they started getting greedy unfortunately. But there are some cute geeky guys on there. I had fun with it for a while. Believe it or not I found my guy on an actual chat program rather than the dating sites. If you don’t mind the distance, or if you’re just bored and lonely, chatting is a real hoot! Fun, flirty and just nice to pass the lonely days in the mean time. Good luck!

    • Aww thanks for the nice comment. Never heard of Geek2Geek. Uhm, it’s not all gamers is it? WTG on finding your guy on a chat program! I’m not much of a ‘chatter’ though…. I don’t think 😉

  4. MrsH Says:

    I empathise, I have been where you are. I was just plain lonely and yearned to be part of a couple, but that doesn’t mean you can settle for less! I found Match to be best. It had the most members, that way the pond was biggest. I don’t know what parameters you’ve been setting but all I did was age – I have never personally felt that I could have a successful relationship with someone a great deal oldr or younger than me so I set it at 5yrs plus/minus. A non-smoker, that was my only absolute rule. And within 10 miles of me. I just couldn’t face long commutes to see someone – I always said that I wanted to be able to pop round for a cup of tea – as it happened (after 3yrs of trial and error -all on my blog at https://modernlifehazards.wordpress.com/) I met my husband and he moved in after only a month so I never did pop round for a cuppa! Seriously, think about your criteria – are you looking for *qualities* (such as shared interests, morals, social requirements) or characteristics (such as hair colour / height)? The problem with that is you might well miss the right person – my husband has several characteristics I had never thought of before and I know I have several that he had never considered either! Have a read of the blog if you want to know more and good luck! 🙂

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