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Not A Good Time To Be On The Wagon January 25, 2015

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So my new profiles have been up less than a day.  I’ve already been asked if I like hugely well endowed Brazilians by someone with the screen name of MagnumLaaaarge (I shit you not).  I’ve also received several messages with the ever intricate ‘hi’ as the entire body of the message (what the hell am I supposed to do with that).  My favorite so far though, and for no other reason than the sheer blatancy of it being a cut and paste job was the nice man who asked me what my name is.  In and of itself that wouldn’t be a bad thing.  Too bad my screen name IS my 1st name as well as my birth year.  Not spelled funky or hidden in a rhyme, just sitting out there for all the world to see.  Oh, sorry, all the world aside from this guy.

Apparently things have changed since I’ve been away from the online world.  On Match, you can now send ‘hellos’ in addition to ‘winks’.  They’re equally as lame, but I guess it’s good to have options?  On OkStupid however, they seem to have lowered their standards.  There used to be a section where you could tab through members’ profiles and rate them, 1 to 5 stars.  For some reason they have changed that to just rating them with either A star or nothing.  I guess they were running low on members who actually rated each other highly?

I know it will get better as I get used to being back online.  If there was ever a doubt, OkStupid was nice enough to put my mind at ease by sending me an e-mail letting me know how hot I was and how many members wanted me.  Gee, thanks….


11 Responses to “Not A Good Time To Be On The Wagon”

  1. I hear you, sister! I just went back up on Match this weekend. Sigh. I am chatting with two guys. One who seems TG2BT so he’s getting cynical questions to see if this is a phising scheme. The other is winding through standard, boring questions (favorite TV shows, favorite foods). The latter may be kicked to the curb before we even talk.

    But what the heck. It will give us some blog material at the very least – right?!

  2. kelleigh16 Says:

    I love your nickname for OKCupid! I’m a bit upset that they never sent me a message telling me I was hot. I’ll have to send in a complaint. 😉

  3. Gladtobeme Says:

    I’m back on OkStupid and and I’m well over 43. and I get the super young dudes who wink and such.
    I wish you much better success than me.

    At least I’m better at weeding out those who have the fake profile and are really in a country far far away.

    I like your blog.

    • Thanks for the comment and compliment. Although I may not do it myself, try to stay positive! He’s out there …. somewhere….hiding under all the tools. 😉 Surefire way to find a ‘fake’ profile is when they message you, they will ALWAYS say ‘I will like to get to know you’ or something like that. They use ‘will’ instead of ‘would’ … always!

  4. annie Says:

    Just a warning, change your password often on Match! I didn’t look at it for a few days, and then signed back on and realized I had responses to messages from people (20 years older to me in other states) that I had never sent. Basically someone hacked into my account and sent messages out to people – the messages sounded exactly like you describe with the “fake” profile. I was told they more than likely copied my pictures and or profile when they got into my account and used it to create a fake account somewhere (they use real pictures and profiles so it is more realistic.). Very creepy! Match was very unhelpful/unsympathetic about the whole thing and basically said “too bad, so sad. Not our problem.” They did say it supposedly would help to change the password often, which I had not done.

    As if we don’t have enough to worry about with online dating…….

  5. Pam Says:

    *sigh* – feel like I’m in a ‘no man’s land’ – one lunch date I learned I’m too young looking for my age.
    However, when I look at the guys who are my age that I might consider dating – they want the 30 somethings to 40 somethings. Maybe I need to ‘settle’ for the 70 somethings?
    Thankfully, I have kids and I’m in school – so I’ll be fairly busy for the next year or two…
    It’s just that my most recent relationship (almost 2 years) ended abruptly, I had to – caught him in a lie – devastating.
    So, I’m back on Match, I’ll try it for 28 days as a paid user… then I’ll probably ditch it again..
    Funny that no matter how busy I am, there’s always space and time for that special guy.
    I’m not clingy or needy, just want an adult male who understands what it means to be in ‘teenager purgatory’
    with online school and a house to manage….

    I appreciate your blog, 43 and single…..

    I’m 55 and single 😀

    • Hi Pam. Thanks for the comment. I very much know the feeling about being in no man’s land. Don’t lose hope. Your one is out there. Hiding, apparently, but he is. Have you tried any other sites than Match? I’ve found that different ones have different results based on location (yes, in my vast knowledge of all things online dating). If you’re not having any luck on one, switch to a different one and give it a shot.

      Must have been a big lie that you caught your ex in. I’m sorry…..

      • Pam Says:

        Yeah, I guess he’s an ex after almost 2 years…. and yes, when adding up all of it… the whole thing was a lie, just for his pleasure.
        I am also on OkStupid (love that name) and have had a bit of success there. I’m too old for Tinder.
        I’m on Plenty of Fakes (another great name for that site.. but Ive actually had a bit of success).

        thanks for your encouraging words!

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