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Week 1 Line Up February 5, 2015

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As I know all (2) of you have been on the edge of your seats awaiting an update, here is a rundown of my 1st week being back online. And yes, everyone gets a nickname!

Edgy – short, bald, covered in tattoos, great chest and uber nice. His 1st message to me was awesome! Everything it should be. Cute, funny, specifically mentioned some things in my profile and I loved it. We’ve been texting back and forth and spoken on the phone a couple of times, but he seems kind of ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ than planner. I’m too old to not plan. No date set up yet, but he’s still fun to chat with.

Friar Tuck – had a great profile online. Exchanged some good e-mails and then progressed (ooooh) to texting. That, however, started to seem more questionnaire than conversation. Just didn’t flow. The questions just went on and on. No mention of meeting up and then he put the nail in his coffin. He actually complained that I was taking too long to respond to his text messages! Uhm, I work for a living. Oh, and then there was that part where the picture he sent me didn’t quite resemble the ones he has posted on line. Bye bye.

Sniper – nope, not because he has a razor sharp wit, but because he likes guns. Very sweet and complimentary. We met for coffee on Saturday morning and absolutely zero chemistry. So little that when a friend texted me that she was in the area, I told her to come meet us. Yes, I did. I suck. He’s very sweet, very kind, very funny and I hope he finds someone awesome. I’m just not her though.

Out of Towner – we scored pretty high as a match on the quizzes on OkStupid. Messages have been nothing spectacular, but he’s cute and young and seems to have his shit together. He is supposedly in town this weekend/week and he has my number. He just has yet to use it ….. no clue on this one.

Pretty Boy – not sure if his profile is real or not. He has a singular (very attractive) picture up, but could be a magazine stock photo, who knows. His ever so romantic and endearing 1st message to me consisted of ‘what business are you in’. Period. No greeting. No niceties. No name. I wrote back and equally concise ‘what business are you in’. I actually got 2 sentences in response but still no name. I then asked if he was ever going to tell me his name and he finally sent me a somewhat normal message. Still not sure that he’s not a 78 year old Asian woman in real life…. We’ll see. Or not.

Since I’m a week behind in posting this, you’ll just have to wait for the updates on what week #2 has brought me.  Including a recent parolee and a seemingly normal man who is apparently still very angry at his ex……

No prince charmings yet, but I’m not giving up!


7 Responses to “Week 1 Line Up”

  1. 1smiles Says:

    Glad you have such an amazing sense of humor. I just signed up on Zoosk. I have overwhelming numbers of fellas viewing and messaging me. And (hold on to your hat) I believe I’ve met someone pretty amazing! I’ll blog about it one of these days. We’ll be meeting in person this weekend. 🙂

  2. znatleigh Says:

    the Pretty boy is a scam type, I’d say. Beware. I’ve met people like him and almost got into trouble one day when he “came” to my city and happened to be some weird 65 y.o. chap on a jeep. Although I’ve been using several dating services like tinder and for a long time, it happened only once which I’m very happy about.
    I like your style. Good luck! 🙂

    • Weird. Thanks for the head’s up. I’m pretty careful about who I meet. Okay, I’m usually pretty careful about who I meet online. 😉 No clue why people are so dishonest. Did you hope that you might not notice that he was someone different than the one in the picture?

  3. Dawn Says:

    At least you’re staying active. I would suggest easing up a little on the guy who isn’t a planner. Just for awhile. Might be the universe telling you to loosen up a little. Otherwise it sounds like you are open and willing. Best of luck!

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