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Match.com & Finger Splints February 10, 2015

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For whatever reason (besides the fact that I’m 47 and never been married), most of my interest has come from OkStupid,  (hmmm, guess I should stop calling it that) and not from Match.  I have been contacted by a couple normal-ish seeming guys off of Match, so maybe it’s a less is more approach.  Who knows.  Anyway, along with this odd phenomenon is that neither guy, once they have obtained my phone number, have bothered to use it!  Kind of annoying.  Are they collectors?  Was there some freak accident in town where all men in possession of my phone number have suddenly lost use of their digits?  I’m a bit confused as to why someone would ask for a phone number and then seemingly change their mind.  And, before it’s suggested, I’ve googled my number before and there is nothing incriminating!

I did have a guy from OkStupid (maybe i’ll start calling it by it’s real name next week) ask for my number and then text me to ask my availability to meet up this week.  And never heard back.  Again, annoying beyond belief.

Here’s how it went:

Our last contact on the site was him asking my availability for this week and my telling him.  2 days later I got a text saying ‘Hi, it’s xxxxx from OkStupid, let me know when you’re available to meet for a drink’.  Uhm, didn’t I just tell you?  As I know men can be a bit ‘shiny ball syndrome-esque’, I let it go and sent back a cheery ‘Hi, xxxx, good to hear from you.  I’m free Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday as of now.  Let me know if any of these days work for you’.  To which I got in response……..crickets.  He never responded back.  WTF?  Does he have something against beginning of the week happy hours?  Did he drop his phone in the toilet?  Was his parole revoked?  Instead of wondering any longer, and as 4 days had already passed, I sent a quick follow up yesterday that went something like this:

“Hi xxx, I hope you had a great weekend.  I didn’t hear back from you so am left with 4 options: 1) you didn’t receive my text on Friday 2) you’re going for the record for longest response time 3) your wife came home from vacation early and frowns on you meeting women that you met online 4) you changed your mind.  Care to fill me in?”

#3 was my favorite.  I never really expected a response and didn’t much care anyway, and he didn’t disappoint on that front.  Nothing.  Why on earth do guys waste their own time, and mine, if they have no intention of following through?

Apparently I’ll be single for at least another week. 😉

Oh, and in other news, I heard from TD yesterday.  He wanted to update me on a health issue going on.  Thought that was nice of him.  Then he managed to fit in that he and horse-face were going to Vegas this weekend.  Uhm, thanks for that.  All I did was send back ‘have fun’ and then wonder what the hell ever happened to his sensitivity gene……

It was certainly a Monday……


13 Responses to “Match.com & Finger Splints”

  1. MrsH Says:

    Oh dear! I think that people forgo the normal manners online and forget to be polite. Could I ask, were you chatting for a few days with these guys before handing out your number? I would recommend that there is a certain amount of emailing first – 1-2 weeks – because if you can stay interested in each other for that long by email then they will probably not let you down later. But I found that at any stage a guy might just drop off the radar – I always assumed that he was chatting with more than one woman (as I was always chatting with more than one man) and chose them, not me. I confess, although annoying, I would just think “good riddance” and be pleased that I hadn’t wasted more than a few emails. I never bothered emailing them. Greg Behrendt has some great advice, which should be tatooed on every womans arms – “If a man is interested, he will be in touch” or something similar – I think us women give men too much leeway – if he likes you, he knows where you are, if he doesn’t get in touch – move on and find someone who does!
    There’s lots more advice on my blog, (https://modernlifehazards.wordpress.com) might give you a new perspective…. Good Luck! MrsH.

    • I don’t e mail for more than a week. I get bored easily. Especially in this day and age where texting is so common (I actually learned how to text because of online dating – how sad is that). Well aware that online nothing is ‘real’ until you meet and that guys (and girls) fall off the radar all the time along the way. As this one caught me on a bad day anyway, I opted to let him know. Even if he had responded, unless he was calling from a hospital bed, I probably wouldn’t have met up with him. Thanks for the helpful tips! Always good to be reminded! 🙂

  2. JennyExiled Says:

    Any number of things could have happened that had nothing to do with you. They got hit by a car, got serious with someone else they were dating, sudden family drama. It would be nice if everyone closed the loop, but it just doesn’t happen. Before you’ve met in person, people seem to think you don’t need or want the level of courtesy they would give someone “real” – at least, this is what I tell myself. I’m on an extended break from OkStupid myself. Not sure when I’ll be ready to wade back into the fray…

    • Enjoy your break from online dating. Yes, there are a million reasons why he didn’t follow up and although I didn’t really care, I did feel it was rude, so opted to not be the bigger person this time around 😉

  3. 1smiles Says:

    I’m actually having pretty good luck on Zoosk.

    • So I’ve read ;-). I think all the different dating sites are uber regional. Zoosk sucks where I am. POF is strictly for hookups. It’s pretty much either Match, OkStupid or E-Harm here I think…..

  4. curvyandcourting Says:

    I used OkCupid on the past and met some really cool guys who just weren’t for me. I have also experienced guys never falling through with contacting me. I just look at it as their loss.

  5. Tripletallmocha Says:

    I love, love, love, #3 in the choices you gave him to reply! LOL – Too bad it was probably the truth and he is freaking out thinking you know! LOL Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. Going through similar circumstances for the past three years, you have kept me rolling in laughter. I am glad you are back blogging. Keep it up and maybe we will both be successful one day in finding a man worthy of our hot-mess-ness.

    • 😉 gotta put my snarky spin on everything, right? Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. I’m glad to be writing again. I just wish the subject matter were more ‘I found him!’ instead of ‘where the hell is he?’ ……. one of these days….. 😉

  6. Pam Says:

    It is my belief that when a guy drops off the face of the earth after getting your phone number, he needs to be deleted… he’s obviously too busy to be bothered… jerk.

  7. Pam Says:

    And I have to chime in here, it’s so nice to commisurate with you, GG,D!!
    Keep writing, chica!


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