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And A Shitty Day Gets a Last Minute Bright Spot February 13, 2015

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2 posts in 1 day?  WHAT?!?!?  So this will be an odd post.  Yeah, I know; like most of mine aren’t, right?  It’s not really about dating, or about my being a whiny baby.  Or about my woe-is-me love life.  Okay, well, it is, but there’s more!

So after I posted my last pathetic dissertation on my day, I decided to hop onto OkStupid to check messages.  What could be better than digging through multiple online messages that say ‘hi’ or ‘you’re hot’ or ‘are you a good girl’ (that was my favorite if by favorite, I meant most disgusting) when you’re already feeling a bit down on yourself, right?  So I’m weeding through messages when a new one pops up.  And then another.  And to my absolute horror, I discover that somehow my ‘chat’ feature was on!  WTF?!  I HATE chat.  It creeps me out beyond belief.

As I was already pretty much creeped out anyway, I played along.  With 3 different guys.  One turned out to be a total tool *insert look of surprise here*, one was kinda ‘meh’ and one was, to say the least, a bit challenging to get any information out of.  Like pulling teeth difficult.  It was weird.  He’d write 1 sentence responses and sort of talked/wrote in circles.  2 of them asked for my phone number and 1 asked to meet (the tool, of course).  As I am attempting to be a bit smarter online this time around (smarter = realizing it’s not really worth it to jump in and meet for a drink until I’m sure I won’t want to stab them with a blunt object).  I said I don’t give out my number right away (ha) and asked to keep it to messages for a bit.  Surprise surprise, all aside from the tool were okay with that.  Will I end up meeting any of them?  Uhm, probably not.  The tool has already been shut down.  The shady one has been filed away for a rainy day.  The only possibility was a-okay with not taking things off line.  At least it kept me occupied for a while.

Well that killed about 2 hours out of my jam packed and uber exciting Friday night.  Sadly, when I signed off, I was still bemoaning everyone being on their way to ‘happily ever after’ and me being on my way to being the canine version of the crazy cat lady.  Boo.

I had been texting throughout the night with various friends so didn’t think much when my notification went off.  Until I saw who it was.  It was someone who has NEVER initiated going to do something.  It was someone who has NEVER asked me to dinner.  It was someone who wanted to bring 2 of their friends who I also love dearly and haven’t seen in over a year and miss seeing.  Nope, not a prospect.  Not even a guy for that matter.  It was TD’s daughter!!  I know this sounds lame, but I got a bit teary.  I have always been worried that I was sort of initiating everything and she was just going along so I wouldn’t feel bad.  I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if I stopped initiating things with her, that I’d never hear from her again.  I guess I was wrong.  I haven’t seen her in about a month and didn’t get to see her today when I was over as she had already left for work.  Needless to say, receiving her text thanking me for the Valentine’s Day present and inviting me to dinner with her 2 best friends absolutely made my day!!


2 Responses to “And A Shitty Day Gets a Last Minute Bright Spot”

  1. Pam Says:

    I’m glad TD’s daughter contacted you!
    By the way, I had a similar Friday night, ’nuff said there.

    Just know, I’m ‘feelin’ ya… GG

    Any time you want to chat with a woman who’s been there, feel free.

    Much compassion your way,

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