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Update of the Week March 5, 2015

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I can’t quite remember what week it is that I’ve been back online.  They’re all so gosh darn fun that I’ve lost track.  Or blocked from my memory.  Or am suffering PTSD from.  One of those.

It’s actually not been that bad.  I’ve been busy with other things, so I just pop on when I can and either update my profile, switch my pictures around or answer a few of the soul searching questions on OkStupid in order to pop my profile back to the top.

OkStupid remains my main source of contact from guys.  Not that they’re all awesome, but there are a shit ton more of them contacting me on there than on Match.  Sure, a good percentage of them send the ever engaging ‘hi’, but whatever…..

I’m chatting with a couple of guys at the moment.  They’re funny and write good messages.  I do believe I’m also conversing with a scammer.  I wasn’t quite sure but something about his profile didn’t ring true.  When I got today’s response, I was pretty sure.  Not only did he not answer the questions that I had specifically asked him, but his entire message was one insanely long run on sentence.  Bad grammar is one thing.  Bad punctuation is another.  Actually using the incorrect phrase of ‘I WILL like to get to know you’ instead of ‘I WOULD like to get to know you’ is pretty much a guarantee that the guy isn’t for real.  I do sort of want to keep writing to see when/why/how he manages to fit in the fact that either he or his mom lives overseas and he needs $4,000 in order to escape the danger that he/his mom/his dog/whoever is in. 😉 I’m giving him one last shot though.  I wrote back today asking where he is from as he has an ‘interesting’ writing style.  We’ll see what he comes back with.  Who wants to vote it’s something asinine like North Dakota?

In other news, I was supposed to meet someone for a drink tonight but just wasn’t feeling it, so I cancelled yesterday.  Boo me.  I just wasn’t excited about it.

I ‘may’ have a date next week.  Then again, hell could freeze over.  Just sayin’. 🙂

I did have a guy totally call me out on my bullshit yesterday.  I specifically wrote in my profile that I’d be much more likely to respond to a message than to a wink.  And then I winked at him.  He copied my quote and asked me if I seriously just sent him a wink?  Pretty funny.  I commended him on pointing out my hypocrisy.  And also actually reading my profile.  Let’s see if he responds.  If he does, I may be in love. ❤

If he doesn’t work out, some chick just made me her favorite on Match.  Uhm, I haven’t given up on guys entirely yet, but good to know I’m able to hedge my bets!


6 Responses to “Update of the Week”

  1. stellasblake Says:

    Haha, no matter the age, I think we just have to embrace online dating.

  2. Hopelessly Romantic Cinderella Says:

    Its good to see this. I joined tinder on the 1st of March…next will be OKSTUPID 🙂 Heres my latest post: https://hoplesslyromanticcinderella.wordpress.com/2015/03/06/the-wonderful-dr-sparkle/

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