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What My Future Holds……. March 15, 2015

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According to the psychic I went to see yesterday anyway.   I walked in, a bit cynical (as I’m not the most ‘spiritual’ person in the world – go figure, right?) and the 1st thing she says that screamed out of her from me was about my business.  Well boo.  I mean, that’s great and all, but really?  I was hoping that romance or relationships or pretty much anything other than ‘business’ would be what is the forefront of my being.  Not to be.  She was all about way to make my company bigger and more successful while simultaneously creating more time for me to be, well, alone ‘me’.

She told me lots of interesting things about lots of aspects of my life, but let’s be real here, I’m really only interested in what my romantic future holds.  She actually saw TD as an interference (surprise!).  Knew that there was someone ‘sticky’ who still hovered just outside my world.  She told me that that situation would never (NEVER) be anything other than sticky.  Go figure.

When she finally got down to business, she asked me if I’d just joined a softball league.  Interesting in that no, I haven’t, but I have joined a bowling league.  Nope.  She was pretty sure it was softball.  Okay.  She says that although she doesn’t like to give specifics as she doesn’t want anyone to close off to other possibilities, she sees someone that either plays or played softball, who is successful in his business, who is tall and who will most likely be introduced to me by a friend coming into my life.  Being as I’ve waited 47 years for any friend of mine to ever fix me up, I’m not sure about that one but who knows.  She says that online dating, although she’s not sure that’s how I’ll meet Mr Softball, is good in that it will help me stop putting my ideals and expectations forward.  She told me that just because someone isn’t forthcoming with everything right away, doesn’t make it deceptive.  I found that interesting in that I don’t think I do expect everyone to be an open book right away, but I took it to heart anyway.

She told me a few other things that I neglected to write down (darn it), but all in all it was an interesting reading.  Of course I went directly downstairs to their store and bought lots of rose quartz and other assorted crystals.  Don’t judge, it certainly couldn’t hurt.  Oh, and I bought tickets to a spring training game……….what?  If nothing else, I could go for a hot dog and beer!  And maybe meet my destiny 😉


One Response to “What My Future Holds…….”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    I like what she said about deception, and agree. I believe in holding my cards close to my vest, at least until I get to know someone well. After all, I don’t want to scare them away at the beginning. No oversharing!

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