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Coming To Terms….. March 30, 2015

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With the fact that I’m (sadly) closer to 50 than I am 40, I’ve opted to try a new dating site.  I can’t even bring myself to type the name as it just makes me feel OLD, but so far so good.  And by good, I mean that no one has sent me a penis picture or been exceptionally rude or inappropriate.  Then again, no one has stepped up to the plate and asked me out yet either.  Aside from the guy in Montana.  Huh.  As I don’t live in Montana, the logistics of that would be interesting…..

Before I catch all 2 of you up on the current goings on, let’s close out the past bachelors.  Literally.  The one that I had the world’s most painful phone conversation with cancelled on me for happy hour fairly last minute.  I was fine with that as I was sort of considering doing the same to him.  He said he wanted to reschedule and never did.  Oh well.

Match is still dismal as ever.  I did have someone contact me who, poor guy, has contacted me many times over the past years of me being online.  And me being me, I never responded.  I decided that since the poor man has basically chased me all over the internet for years, I should probably at least respond.  He’s a nice man, I’m just not sure if we have anything in common and as he’s had the same set of unfortunate photos up for several years now, I have no clue what he actually looks like these days.  I fear that I’m not attracted to him, but maybe his personality will win me over and make me look past the Friar Tuck aspects of his appearance?  As he hasn’t asked me to meet and he wants to talk on the phone first as well, I guess we’ll see.

I had another gent from Match basically ask me out off the bat.  He lives in another state, but is here for work a lot.  Uhm, okay.  Problem is, whenever I would ask him any questions, he would just ask me out again and not really answer anything.  As I was sitting at a spring training game this weekend with girlfriends, I opted to text him (as I kinda think he’d be better suited to one of them over me) and he was again NOT forthcoming with details but wanted to meet after the game.  Uhm, sweaty and sun burned is not really how I roll for 1st meetings, but I told him I’d let him know if we went out afterwards.  And never did.  And I haven’t heard from him since.

I have been communicating with several people on this new (old) site though.  One seems quite promising.  I guess being ‘only’ 47 on a site for 50+ year olds is a good thing?  We’ll see if anything pans out and you’ll all be the 1st (or 3rd) to know. 😉


3 Responses to “Coming To Terms…..”

  1. Pam Says:

    Well, I applaud you hanging in there!
    I’ve had a bit of success (POF)…. my third date with someone I’ve been messaging since late December.
    I just hope to hear from him again.

    I signed up with a more ‘serious’ website for a 3 month deal(eWhatever). So far, I’ve been doing some blocking. I’m not
    all that impressed with the site since I don’t get to choose weight and height – yes, it matters to me since it certainly matters to the guys.

    • POF must have an entirely different ‘profile’ in your neck of the woods than in mine. It’s sort of the ‘grinder’ for straight people where I live. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your guy! Ahhh, the awesome blocking of idiots. I know it well…… best of luck! 🙂

  2. 1smiles Says:

    Hang in there, be persistent. After five years on ‘the sites’, I have met a wonderful man. We have been almost inseparable since we first connected in February. We’ve met each other’s adult kids and are talking a permanent outcome later this summer. I am a very happy girl (of 56).

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