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As The World Turns….. April 22, 2015

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The world of online dating, that is.  I went out of town for 4 days.  Prior to that, I was messaging with 2 seemingly great guys.  Apparently 4 days away was all it took to cure them of their attraction to me.  I messaged them when I got back (they knew I was going out of town) and I am now privy to the sound of crickets.  Online affections are quite fleeting.

I’m confused by a new guy.  Not that I know anything about him, but I fear he’s bad news.  Not sure why.  I logged on today to one of my multiple dating sites to see that he had sent me a ‘flirt’.  Uhm, okay.  I read his profile and it said he was a recovered bad boy.  I assume that was his attempt at humor, but who knows.  Anyway, as I was about to run out the door, I saved him to my favorites with the intention of messaging him when I had time.  Well, not 4 seconds after I did that, he sends a note saying ‘why not just message me’.  Uhm, hold on slugger, I’m getting there.

He basically told me his name and asked for my phone number.  Yeah.  No.  I wrote back saying that I’m hesitant to give out my number right away to men I know nothing about online.  He writes back saying that he’s sorry for whatever I’ve experienced in the past to make me feel that way, but that he’s not a stalker or weirdo.  That he hates typing and would rather have a conversation in real time.  That ‘when I’m ready to start this’, to send him my number.

I’m hugely annoyed by this and I’m not sure why.  Maybe he’s a huge ALPHA and likes things his way.  Maybe he’s dying to send me a dic pic.  Maybe he’s just an asshole.  While I’ve given out my number right away before, I’ve never had someone tell me that they won’t communicate unless it’s over the phone.  Even if I was thinking about sending it to him, now I don’t want to because he basically told me I had to.  Thoughts??


17 Responses to “As The World Turns…..”

  1. 1smiles Says:

    Creeper. Pass on this one.

  2. I had a few guys who insisted they only want to communicate via phone and not typing. Ultimately most of them ended up being a bit “off.” There was one, however, who was dyslexic and typing wasn’t easy for him. I think gut instincts are pretty good to go by, though, so if it feels weird, it probably is.

    In other news, your blog is great!

  3. Cheryl Says:

    He’s handing out demands already? I don’t think so. Pass.

    • I did, Not before sending back a message saying I thought it was a silly choice on his part. I currently have a message from him waiting in my mailbox. Not sure I want to open it. Most likely some assholian diatribe on how high maintenance I am 😉

  4. He’s just being bold with his game.The delivery is his problem. He should have just gave you his number if he didn’t want to talk online and let you make the choice to contact him. If you don’t wrap everything up with good conversation before asking or giving out your number it’s over. I don’t think his message will be crazy.

  5. Hi Reema. I actually agree with you in that his delivery sucked! While I ‘get’ not liking to message back and forth online, being given an ultimatum didn’t sit too well with me. And you’re right, he should have just given me his number! I did read his response to me and while not shitty, it’s pretty defensive. Not sure how this approach usually works for him but I think we’d probably kill each other 😉

  6. Cheryl Says:

    I know you like to be kind and considerate to all, but I would just not respond and move on. No explanation necessary. Otherwise, this could go back and forth for a while, and with no positive outcome.

  7. kelleigh16 Says:

    I’m dying to know what his response was!

  8. Pam Says:

    “assholian diatribe” – I love that!
    Very very good of you to not give your phone number.

    You have great tenacity and fabulous writing.

    A fan,

  9. Imogen Says:

    What is it with men on these sites – do they not realise that its not all about them? Best stick to your gut instinct and give him a wide berth

  10. […] the great debate was whether or not to give this guy my phone number.  As he somewhat demanded it instead of asking politely for it, right away, my gut […]

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