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Why I’m An Idiot, Part #4,268 April 23, 2015

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So yesterday was the day I had in my calendar to cancel my Match subscription.  As I haven’t really had anything of interest happen in the past 3 months on there, I was actually sort of excited to cancel it!  So I did.  Until it asked the reason for my quitting and when faced with that, I always choose the one that may get me a ‘deal’ (no clue why I do this).  I selected ‘can’t afford it’ and then was presented with another question asking if I could afford it at a discount.  Of course, being the frugal gal I am, I hit yes just to see what they’d offer me.  And there it was.  3 months for the price of one.  And there went another $35.99.  For 3 more months of annoyance and disinterest from the men that are on Match in my area.

As we all know that I base the ‘success’ of my dating memberships on whether or not I can make up the subscription price in dating cocktails, I’m actually a bit skeptical that I can even do it.  Or want to.

I feel I’m having a Charlotte moment.  I’m so tired of dating.  Where is he?!?!?!?


2 Responses to “Why I’m An Idiot, Part #4,268”

  1. This was exactly me a year ago!!!!!

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