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All That For………….This??? April 26, 2015

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So the great debate was whether or not to give this guy my phone number.  As he somewhat demanded it instead of asking politely for it, right away, my gut instinct said not to.  Then I read some comments saying to go ahead.  Ugh.  I know I’ve given my number out right away before and honestly, I wasn’t worried about him being a weirdo or a stalker, it was more in the way he gave me the ultimatum of sending my number or no communication that made me not want to.  Whatever.  I thought is was a bit assholian (GG original word) of him.

His main claim was that he hated typing and thought it was a ‘pain’ and wanted to have a conversation in real time.  On top of that, he just sounded kinda negative in his messages and profile.  I did decide, in the end, to send him my phone number.  I gotta recoup my membership fee somehow, right (and, as everyone pointed out, it would at least make for a blog post – you’re welcome)?  So he texts me this morning.  What?  Isn’t texting the same as typing, just on a smaller keyboard?

Here’s how it went:

him: Hi there.  This is the stalker! lmao

me: Hi (insert name here)

him: How are you doing GG?

me: Great, thanks!  How are you on this gorgeous day?  Anything fun planned?

him: Getting ready to have some brunch or breakfast, whatever, and don’t know what else

me: 11am = brunch (smiley emoticon).  So your profile says you like to cook?

him: (45 minutes later, mind you) yes

I didn’t bother to respond.  Really?  He tried this hard for my number not even to make an actual call like he claimed, he took no less than 10 minutes between responses (and 45 at the end) and this is what I got?  No ‘conversation’.  No engaging.  No questions. No nothin’.  What an idiot…….


11 Responses to “All That For………….This???”

  1. DSA1969 Says:

    UGH! Sorry. I thought he was going to call you too, not text. I guess texting, to him, is consider better than email. Don’t give up…on communicating with him, or any other guy. There are guys out there that are a little more responsive than he is and keep the conversation flowing. Then there are guys not willing to put that much effort until they find that woman worthy enough, meaning, they’ve spent time with you and find you attractive and want to get to know you more. Guys are lazy and afraid of rejection. The latter part is what my husband has told me.I think you were right to not respond to his last lame text response. Maybe tell him you were under the impression that you were going to call instead of text. After doing the online dating thing for awhile it came to a point where I didn’t give a damn and just did and said what I felt (without being too much of bitch), just to see what happens. It felt much better because I felt like myself instead of trying to think what the guys wanted. Just don’t give up, but don’t get too caught up in their quirks and things you think are frustrating. Men are frustrating!

    • No worries. Thought it was more ridiculous than anything. I usually just say whatever (and certainly did with this guy). I promise not to give up (at least not today) and to not get caught up in mens’ annoying quirks. I did think that this guy would at least put in a bit more effort, but alas, I was wrong. Again. 😉 Here’s hoping I have better luck with the next one! Because really, could it be worse? 😉

  2. DSA1969 Says:

    Maybe he will text you again with something more meaningful, but given his short track record, probably not! In any case, glad you are sticking with it. Something has got to give!

    • I highly doubt if I’ll hear from him again, but if I do, I’ll be sure to let you know! Of course I’m sticking with it; the alternative is a pretty lonely one…… Thanks for the encouragement and advice! I appreciate it!! Especially from someone who had this whole online thing work for them! 🙂

  3. Pam Says:

    GG, yes it could be worse… but you know this!
    And I am hoping that your next go-round is better.

    Still a fan,

  4. This guy is all over the place. I think he’s reading from like a script on how to get dates or something. It’s not a very good script I might add. You can’t demand a phone number to text. Not calling is just making him look like a time waster. He might just be looking for attention and phone numbers.

    • Funny you said that Reema. I was wondering if he was just collecting phone numbers for bragging rights as I couldn’t figure out why on earth he’d want it so bad if he wasn’t going to put any effort behind it!

  5. DSA1969 Says:

    Getting your phone number for bragging rights? What is he 16?

    • Haha, you’ve online dated. You know it takes all kinds and yes, in my town, most 40-something men online suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome! He’s probably got some lame competition going with a friend who is also online to see who can get the most. Or not, just a thought 😉

  6. 1smiles Says:

    If I got another text from him, I’d just call him.

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