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What Is It About Cats? May 7, 2015

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Sure, cats are okay (they’re no dog, mind you).  They (can be) cute, fluffy, interactive and goofy.  Usually though, they’re just kinda, well, cats.  They do their own thing, on their own schedule and seem to like to be left alone.  I associate cats with someone not really committing to a pet.  You could never put a big bowl of food down and leave the house for a week with a dog, but I find that a lot of cat owners do this very thing.  Because they can and it’s easy.

Now before all you cat people get up in arms, I realize I am making a HUGE generalization here.  You should know by know that’s kinda my thing. 😉  There are some awesome cats out there as well as some awesome cat owners.  I just find it a little Norman Bates-ish for a single man to own cats.  Not that they go around killing people in their showers, but in that I always think they spend lots of time at home.  Alone.  Petting their cats.  And talking to their mothers on the phone (dead or alive).  But that’s just me.

Anyway, I’ve come across a LOT of profile pictures with men hugging their cats.  And they use them as their main pictures.  It’s just weird.  Today I even saw one that looked like a total professional pictures and the man was not only holding his cat up next to his face, but was also wearing a sweat band on his wrist.  As he wasn’t dressed in tennis garb, I have no clue why anyone would wear a white terry cloth sweat band with a dress shirt.  Sure, I live in a very hot climate, but I feel their are better ways to handle a sweat situation.

Although my list of things NOT to pose with for an online dating profile seems to be ever growing (dead fish, dead animals, a crotch rocket, a hooker, a convertible corvette to name a few), I do believe I’m going to have to add cats to my list.  At this rate I’m going to rule out every guy in town.  *Sigh*.  Maybe I just do this as they’ve already apparently ruled me out …..


12 Responses to “What Is It About Cats?”

  1. DSA1969 Says:

    LOL! My husband had (still has) a cat when I met him. I had two and two strays that I fed. I brought the strays with us when we moved because I couldn’t bear to leave them behind. Add all of them together and we have…GULP…five cats! And a dog! I did not think anything of it when he told me he had a cat. I guess I was relieved because I had so many! Before I met him I thought I was going to become a spinster with all these cats. I also found it very refreshing that he had a cat. It was rare for me to find a guy that had cats because most either had dogs or no pets. It was also easier to convince him that having all these cats was ok. 🙂

    • Wow, you’re like the feline version of the Brady Bunch. 🙂 In and of itself, a single man with a cat isn’t so bad, but a single man with a cat, who he is either hugging, snuggling with in bed, or cradling in his arms in every single online dating profile pictures is a bit much. I have dogs. I love dogs. I state in my profile I love dogs. I don’t, however, have photos of me and my dogs in my dating profile …… just sayin’.

      Sounds as if you two were meant for each other!!

  2. DSA1969 Says:

    Yeah, you do have a point. But maybe they want to show how sensitive they are and love animals. I always think it’s good sign when men show pictures of themselves with their animals. Shows they have compassion to love someone else. I don’t think I would be put off by those pictures just because I LOVE animals so much. And yes, we are the feline version of the Brady Bunch. I always wanted a lot of animals but I’ve learned my lesson. Even though we have a big enough house and it doesn’t feel like we have a lot of animals, I’m just over the maintenance of cleaning up after them and spending large vet bills!

  3. Belle of the Library Says:

    I love cats. I’m much more turned off by someone who hates cats. I don’t even HAVE a cat and I considered a “no cats” rule, a deal breaker, because I’ll totally have a cat.

    • I would never go out with anyone who hated cats or dogs. I do think there’s a line between a good/great pet owner (be it a dog or a cat or a bunny) and a creepy obsession with them. I was writing about the over the top, ‘all things cats’ version.

      • Belle of the Library Says:

        Oh, I know. I just meant we all have our deal breakers and that’s one of mine. But someone with creepy pictures would be off my list, too.

  4. TikkTok Says:

    Well…..our friend who rents our little house has cats. He’s got 3 cats and a dog. He’d love to settle down, get married, and have kids. {He’s like 26/27ish} He got the cats when he was in {what he thought was} a committed relationship {living together} and then she bailed right before he was going to propose {totally dodged that bullet!} She took the one cat and her dog and moved back in with her dad. He did eventually get the last one back. He totally loves those cats.

    I don’t think it’s really all that weird. When he goes to visit overnight, he takes his dog most of the time. He’s got us right next door {he’s on our property, actually} to watch them, too.

    But. We have 9 cats {and all the other critters}, 5 dogs, etc, so I don’t think I’m the best one to judge…. dead things in a profile pic might be a deal breaker. Unless it was like a hunting pic or something….

  5. I’m not sure of the men who post pictures of them and their cats.. are we sure they are their cats, or did they borrow them from ex-girlfriends to look “approachable”? Hmm.. who knows. What I do know is that I have cat-dogs == which equals cats that act like dogs. There are a lot of very cool cats… and some of these very cool cats have male humans that take care of them… Just sayin’, don’t disqualify someone because they are snuggling up to a furry feline friend. Just my .02.

    • TikkTok Says:

      And why is it guys get hit on while taking puppies for walks? Or shopping/at the park with babies? It’s because women like to see man who can care for a small, dependant whatever. Now, cats being cats, maybe that skews it {because cats aren’t really ‘needy’ of a human} and it makes me wonder what the response would be to the same guys with pics of puppies instead.

      And maybe they’re just showing us their pussies…..😁

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