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How To Plan For Vacation June 5, 2015

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Before you go getting all excited for me and my ‘awesome’ vacation, don’t.  It’s a family function.  And I have been guilted into attending.  Yey me.  Not.

Anyway, un-fun vacations require the same preparations as fun ones.  Pack.  Clean the house.  Arrange for Dog Sitters.  Wash sheets & Towels.  Respond to all e-mails.  Clean out the fridge.  Pack xanax.  Okay, I don’t actually have any of that, but might not be a bad investment prior to the next family non-fun-fest.

Most important of the preparations however is to update all 527 dating profiles online.  Okay, so there’s only 3.  3 that I haven’t logged onto in almost 2 weeks.  Aside from yesterday when I started chatting with a seemingly good guy who is moving here with his family next month.  Or so he says.  Anywhoo, I logged onto the sites, changed a punctuation mark or 2 in order to move my profile to the top of the heap and will now sit back and wait for all the communications from appropriate and wonderful men to roll in.

Or not.  I guess we’ll see when I get back!


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