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One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, NO June 22, 2015

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So I had a ‘meet and greet’ tonight.  Ugh, I hate that I have succumbed to online dating terminology and now call 1st ‘dates’ ‘meet and greets’.  Sounds so lame.  Anywhoo, we were to meet for happy hour at a place on my side of town.  He would be what is commonly referred to as ‘geographically undesirable’ as he lives across town.

He’s 6’6″ and looked to be a bit lacking in the hair department, so I didn’t think I’d have much trouble finding him (especially since I picked up my new ultra retro cat eye glasses today).  Little did I know that Monday night at this particular place must be half price if you resemble Mr. Clean.  The bar was filled with shiny topped tall men!  As I don’t mind a nice bald head, I had no issues with this at all.  As I looked around, I saw several that I was hoping were my date; I mean my meet and greet.

Sadly, my life is not a fairy tail and the one who stood up and approached me was not on my list of hopefuls.  He was nice enough, but I’m fairly certain he lied about his age (by at LEAST 10 years).  How un-surprising in the world of online dating.  We grabbed a table and sat and although I knew right off the bat that this was going to go absolutely nowhere, I didn’t want to be rude so made some chit chat, ordered a beer to his coke and proceeded to ask him a multitude of questions about himself so he wouldn’t be able to ask me any.

About 20 minutes in and after what was probably our 3rd uber awkward silence, I decided I was going to let him know that although I thought he was a very nice man and that I hoped he found someone terrific, I just didn’t think we were connecting.  He obviously had the same idea in that he kinda cut me off, said that he didn’t think we were a match and practically made a bee-line for the door.  Uhm, okay.  I was going to be polite about it at least.

As there was some terrific people watching there, I opted to stay, finish my beer and hang out for a bit.  When the waitress asked if I was doing okay, I said ‘sure, however I just had one of the quickest  and ill fated dates of my life’.  She said she was so sorry and ran away.  Really?  Even waitresses run from me now too?  A minute later she returned with a shot for me.  A yummy little grape concoction that she said was a ‘house shot’ that they offer complimentary for just such occasions.  Very sweet.  We laughed a bit, I thanked her very much and she said she hoped someone would do the same for her.  I totally would!  If I worked in a bar, that is.

Anyway, as I sat there with my shot and looked around the room, I seriously, for the umpteenth time, considered quitting this whole online dating thing and just going back to hanging out in bars (for happy hour, of course, as I’m old now). 😉 Or just growing old alone ………… *sigh*


3 Responses to “One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, NO”

  1. Kat Richter Says:

    Oh no! I was hopeful when I saw 6’6″… What a let down 😦 As for dating nomenclature, if you think “meet and greet” is bad, a friend of mine recently attended an event called “schmooze for Jews” what a hoot!

    • Hiya Kat! Too funny on the Jews and Schmooze 😉 I was hopeful about the 6’6″ thing too. Sadly a bald head is completely different from a balding one and even if I were that superficial (which I’m not – no really), we had NOTHING in common (unless I wanted to talk about his 26 year old marriage that just ended or his cats) …….

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