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What’s The Name Of That Song? October 29, 2015

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Hello?  Is it me you’re looking for?


Pretty sure I just got those lyrics wrong, but you get the gist. It’s been a while. A long while. It’s been a busy year. Busy with work, with friends, with ‘me’ things, with love. Oh wait, no, scratch that last one.

Although I’ve had a wonderful year involving some great memories with friends, buying a new house, buying a vacation property and other assorted festivities, the prospect of finding ‘my one’ has been futile at best. I think I’ve gone on a whopping 2 dates this year.

For some unknown reason I have kept my profile active all this time. I never log on and I constantly ignore the whole ‘update your profile daily to stay at the top of the pile of other singles when a search is done’. I figure, for now, if the right guy is out there, he’ll find me. Or not.

Every time I go to cancel my membership, those little devils offer me a great deal! Drat. I love a bargain. 3 months for the price of 1? Sure, why not. I held strong last week and when they offered me that 3 for 1 deal again, I happily hit the ‘no thank you, proceed with cancellation’. There. I did it. It was kind of a weight off my shoulders. I honestly don’t think that I’m going to find the guy for me online. I think I’m best appreciated in person. Or not. Anyway, I had decided to finish out the year just doing me, with no thoughts to online dating or meeting anyone. And then those suckers sent me a 50% off offer. Instead of paying $36.99 for 3 months via their 3 for 1 offer, they were now dangling the offer of 3 months for just $25. Really Match? You think you can appeal to my love of all things bargain? You think you can lure me back into the world of online dating and go against all that I had just decided? You think just because it would work out to a scant $7+ a month that I would want to remain on a site that has proven to be an exercise in futility? Ah, you know me so well…..

Who knows if I’ll actually put any effort into it this time around, but I have 3 whole months to find out….


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