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Karma, Fate & I Get A Date! November 16, 2015

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So about a year ago, a friend of mine that I had met via Meetup, which is very cool social ‘club’, told me that he had someone he thought I might like.  He said he was tall, we had common interests and he was an uber nice guy.  He showed me a picture of him and after having one of my man hungry girlfriends practically jump across the table to get a look for herself, I made some hugely self deprecating comment about him needing to be a chubby chaser.  I know, I know, my lack of self esteem at times is annoying even to me.  Anywhoo, my friend didn’t want to actually set us up, but rather just point me in the right direction and then possibly have us in the same place.  As far as I know, my friend never even showed Mr. Potential my picture, so I was still an unknown to him.  No harm, no foul if either or both of us wasn’t interested in the other.  As I was in the process of getting a large group of friends together for a happy hour, my friend said he’d invite him to join.  Perfect, right?  If I liked him, awesome.  If I didn’t, my man hungry friend would probably jump him and we’d all have a fun night regardless.  Win, win!   Turns out he was out of town the night we were getting together, so I never met him.  Boo.

Fast forward 2 months to the 4th of July and I go with a couple of girlfriends, and about 10,000 other people, to see the fireworks.  Who do I see?  Yup.  That guy.  As he appeared to be on a date (and I was being a pussy), I didn’t go introduce myself.

Fast forward another few months when football season starts and a girlfriend and I go watch the game at local bar.  Guess who was there? Yup.  Apparently we root for the same team.  Yey! Awesome excuse to go up and introduce myself!  But I didn’t.  Why?  Because I suck, that’s why.

I’ve seen him a couple more times (no clue if he’s seen me, or if he knows who I am) at that same bar on gameday, but apparently rooting for football is just about the only ‘game’ I have these days.

It’s been about a month and a half  since I’ve seen him out and about.  As all two of you you know, I reactivated my Match profile last week and the most enthusiasm I could muster up was to switch my main profile pic to one of me wearing a shirt with ‘my’ team on it.  Great idea right?  Although I’m not a huge football fan, I am very loyal to this specific team and as it’s NFL season, it’s an easy way for anyone to strike up and online conversation with me!  Gosh, I’m brilliant.

Anywhoo, as I was at home watching ‘my’ team lose yesterday, I check my messages on my phone to see that I have a message from someone I don’t recognize and it says simply ‘we stink’.  Uh, rude!

After the game was over, I logged into match on my computer to check out this guy’s profile and try to figure out what he meant.  As I’m looking through pics, I see that this guy is a fan of the same team.  I’m hoping he was referencing ‘our’ team’s recent losing streak and not that he can tell that I hadn’t yet showered for the day.  Well, much to my surprise I see that it’s the guy I’ve been seeing all over town!  Who, by the way, looks completely different in pictures.  Not better or worse, just different (lesson learned friends ~ you can’t always trust pictures and it works both ways; good and bad)

Of course I wrote back, not mentioning that I kinda knew who he was, with a cute little snippet about our team being a little sad lately.

Yey!  Karma & fate have finally come to my aid in the dating department!  How lucky am I, right?

Apparently not very as he didn’t write back.  Boo.


8 Responses to “Karma, Fate & I Get A Date!”

  1. jollygreenmj Says:

    Karma’s taken it too far, there’s no way it can just stop here! Lol

  2. Cheryl P Says:

    I think you need to step up your game and tell him you know friends of his. With that, you have an instant connection and it may intrigue him. Or not.

    • I waffled between doing that and seeming like a bit of a stalker and just letting it go. For good or bad, I still think it’s the man’s responsibility to make the move. He wrote, I wrote back ……. to write back again without his responding might seem just …..weird 😦

  3. Cheryl P Says:

    Generally, I agree with you that the man should make the move. But right now, you are a complete stranger to him and in that way you are not differentiated among all the other women on the dating site. You are much more attractive, so to speak, when you already have something – friends – in common.

    At least, that’s my take (for what it’s worth)!

    • Funny, I’ve never looked at it that way. Although I know it would an ‘in’ and a common thread, I am paranoid that he will then call my friend to get info on me and that my friend will say something negative. Weird mindset, right? He wouldn’t be a friend if he didn’t like me……..and wouldn’t have suggested us meeting in the 1st place. Ugh, I need help 😉

  4. Cheryl P Says:

    Don’t we all? Need help, that is.

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