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Dating Is Like Picking A Football Team To Root For December 16, 2015

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Not really, but according to the last online dating gent that I spoke with, I guess it is.  We had exchanged a few messages back and forth, so when he asked for my number, I gave it to him.  Although I wasn’t all that excited by our exchanges, he didn’t strike me as someone who would send me a penis pic, so why not.  I missed his call and ended up calling him back the next day.  I was on my way to meet friends for Sunday Funday (i.e. day drinking at it’s best) and he was watching football.

I asked who was playing and he told me.  It was my city’s team vs. I don’t remember who.  I told him that I was a Packers fan because, well, I am.  He thought that I should be rooting for my hometown team instead.  Uhm, okaaayyy.   As I thought he was kidding, I jokingly said that I preferred to root for a good team.  I guess that didn’t sit well with him as he abruptly said that he didn’t think we were compatible.

As our conversation lasted all of about 7 minutes and 5 of those were ridiculously about football, whatevs.  Want to know what the other 2 minutes were about?  His absolute LOVE of online dating.  Seriously.  He said he’d been online dating for years and thought it was the best thing ever.  While I can understand someone new to online dating maybe thinking it was neato, he is the 1st person I have found that just couldn’t say enough good things about it after years of doing it.  Kinda made me think of a cat chasing after a laser pointer for some reason…..

I logged in today after not being back online since that ill fated phone conversation 10 days ago.  On a hunch, I looked at the last message that he had sent to me and his profile mysteriously said ‘additional profile information not available’.  For those of you new to the world of online dating, that means he blocked me.  As we all know my love, and by love I mean hatred, of being blocked for no reason I sent him a message.  Yes, unknown to many apparently, even if you block someone that you’ve previously sent a message to, they can still respond.  Duh.

My message was short a sweet.  It said that although we didn’t hit it off on the phone, I wanted to drop him a quick note to wish him well in his search.  Why?  I’d like to say it’s because it was the right, and kind, thing to do.  It was partly that.  Mainly though, I just wanted to be the bigger person.  Beyond that, I wanted him to be totally confused as to how I could send him a message after he’d blocked me….



2 Responses to “Dating Is Like Picking A Football Team To Root For”

  1. I feel relieved to be off the online dating. I had guys reject me for random reasons that baffled me. One that I wrote a post about basically called me slut (rather texted me) because after we had that initial phone call, he noticed I was back online at the dating site. Well yeah, I had other messages to respond to. Then when I laughed it off and said it was the awkwardness of online dating, he wasn’t having it. Be happy you found out now that he’s a judgmental prick. You deserve better!

    • Yikes, that’s harsh. People project their own insecurities in the most hurtful ways sometimes.

      Online dating has become a bit like ordering a pizza. People think they can custom create their perfect match. It’s a bit funny, really. I’ve learned, after much angst over it, to not let others’ ridiculous words/actions/screening methods upset me. Much. 😉 It’s them and not me, so oh well………

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