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Loaded Questions…… December 18, 2015

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I got a message today from someone that looked vaguely familiar.  Not so familiar that I think I’ve actually met him before, but familiar enough so that I’m pretty sure we’ve ‘conversed’ online in the past.  He has a very unique screen-name.  It’s not dirty, it’s more of a head scratcher.

His introductory message to me (this time around) was : “can I ask you a question”.  Uh, as anyone who has online dated before, that could mean absolutely anything is headed your way.  A fabulous compliment would be the best case scenario, but being as people feel quite entitled to write whatever they want when hiding behind a keyboard, it could very well be something insulting, filthy or just plain annoying.  Am I really willing to take that risk?  Of course I am!

With trepidation I wrote back ‘sure’.  After I sent it, I read through his profile and it expounds on how godly he is, what a good Christian he is, how wholesome and upstanding he is and other assorted bible thumping tidbits.  He also says that he is looking for a god-fearing woman (not me), someone who doesn’t drink (not me), someone who doesn’t go to bars (not me) and a few other little gems that, if he had bothered to actually read my profile, absolutely don’t describe me.

About 2 seconds later he sends back ‘give me your number’.  WTF?!  No good could come of this……… I politely wrote back that I don’t give my number to people online right off the bat.  He wrote back ‘oh, well, what do you want to know’.  Uhm, not much at this point, to be honest.  None of his messages were polite or even engaging.  I guess I could write back ‘your name would be a good start’ and see where it goes from there.  Then again, I could just not respond at all …….. decisions, decisions……..


9 Responses to “Loaded Questions……”

  1. Single Dad Says:

    A polite “No thanks” and then move on. That may be the best choice. He’s clearly not a match for you (at *so* many levels).

    • Nice to ‘see’ you! I did send a quick note saying I didn’t think we’d be a good match and wishing him well. I’ll keep you posted on if I get a nastygram back as sadly I do about 50% of the time. This is why I sometimes opt for the ignore route instead of the polite response. People don’t like rejection and tend to a get a little pissy about it. 😦

  2. I wonder why he wanted your number so fast.

    • Not sure. Either he has no ‘game’ whatsoever and wanted to move things right along, or (more than likely) he wanted to send a dirty pic? Sad that these years of online dating have made me more than a tad cynical, but what can you do?

  3. No good would have come from giving him your number. You played it smart … And safe. Perhaps he had confused you with someone else?

  4. Loreal Lewis Says:

    Was your decision not to respond back to him? He could have gotten to know you or read your profile before asking for your number.

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