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Now Where Did I Put That? February 28, 2016

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I guess I should take it as a huge reminder of how long it’s actually been since I’ve written a post by the fact that I couldn’t actually remember the name of my blog.  Huh.  Then again, could just be early onset senility.  Lucky you; I finally remembered (by having to look it up on my phone app).

The sad fact that I started writing this blog at the age of 43 and am still looking for my ‘one’ 5 loooooooong years later is a little disconcerting and might have something to do with my memory glitch.  Boo.

Why am I posting, you may ask?  Well, that’s because I’ve gone back online.  Again.  Although I joke about it being a hopeless endeavor, I do truly believe that my special someone is out there and that it’s my responsibility to put myself out there to look for him as his Grey Goose compass is apparently broken and he hasn’t been able to find me.  Yet. 😉

I’ve decided to change things up in the way I go about this. Yes, again.  We all (well, the 2 of you that are probably left reading) know that I’ve tried every single dating site to varying results.  As I’m presently pissed at the Match.com gods for not cancelling my membership as I asked them to, those losers have been renewing me, every month, at a ridiculous cost.  When I called to talk to them, they were less than pleasant.  I’m going to teach them a lesson by never ever using them again.  Yeah, I know, but it makes me feel better to think that they will not only notice my absence, but miss me.

I’m not excited enough about online dating again to pay the big bucks for E Harmony (yet).  Chemistry.com was horrible.  Although Our Time was okay for a bit, I don’t think that there are any new faces on there.  I know, I know, I’m one to talk as they probably think the same thing.  Why is she still on here?  At least I update my pictures. (hint, hint people who have had the same photos up for the last 5 years)

I would rather stab my eyes out with a blunt object than try JDate again.  Tinder is just, well, ewwwww.  Then there’s POF.  Loving known by me as ‘plenty of freaks’, ‘plenty of fools’ and several other less than positive nicknames.  Then again, it has been 6 years since I’ve been on there.  And it’s free.  Or at least used to be….

I’m trying to un-Einstein my process.  You know, the one where you keep repeating the same behaviours and expecting different results?  Putting this theory into action has prompted me to go on one of the sites that I haven’t used in years. Yes, you guessed it!  I put a profile up on Plenty of Fish yesterday.  As far as I can tell so far,  the site’s sole purpose is getting you to upgrade from their free version to their payed version.  Annoying.  I thought their main priority would be to match people up.  My bad.

Anywhoo, in the past 24 hours, I’ve gotten many messages.  From gentlemen 20 years my senior, from gentleman who aren’t looking for anything serious and, my most favorite, from someone wanting to know if I liked younger submissive men.  There have been several men on there whose profiles and pictures I’ve liked, but of course, I need to upgrade in order to contact them.  It’s as if you can only contact, and be contacted by, the dregs unless you pay to upgrade.  While I’m not the cheapest person in the universe, I do find it annoying that I can’t upgrade for just one month to see how I like it.  I have to upgrade for a minimum of two.  I’m not ready to make that commitment yet…..

I’ve been messaging with one gentleman who e-mails as if he was texting.  He seemed nice enough but very stingy with sharing anything about himself.  I went back and re-read his profile and what do you know?  I’d never actually read it before.  It was defensive and negative and basically said that he wasn’t going to write anything personal on there as women just use those details to weed him out.  Uhm, it’s online dating dude.  Sadly, it also said that he was ‘looking for someone who wasn’t materialistic and likes to live simply’.  While I don’t consider myself materialistic and could actually live a very simple life, this usually means that they’re unemployed.  As he had asked me what I do for a living, I asked him the same.  What do you know?  He’s currently ‘between jobs’.  This isn’t a complete deal breaker for me, but knowing what his previous job was (and I use the term job instead of career because, well, it was just that), I wonder.

I’ll keep you posted!


9 Responses to “Now Where Did I Put That?”

  1. Pam Says:

    Dear Grey Goose,
    For your sakes, I hope you don’t date the unemployed. In fact, I wish men like that weren’t on the dating sites. I’ve had only meeting dates with that type.
    I’m glad you’re giving it another go and I wish you all the best
    Pam (who’s done with online dating for a while )

  2. I was on Our Time for far too long. Never met anyone, and I was messaged by scammers and crazy people. The only good thing was that I got a lot of blog fodder out of it. Deleted all of my pictures and then my profile. I don’t miss it.

  3. meccasanwick Says:

    Where’s the next update!? Need more input!

    • Sadly, not much to update at this point. I never did send the additional photos that the one guy requested and have since stopped communicating with him. I’ve been messaging with a couple of other men and as soon as there is anything of interest to report, I promise to 🙂

      • Janet in Philly Says:

        Funny, I’d just thought about you and your misadventures in dating yesterday and decided to see what you’d been up to. It is discouraging, isn’t it? I’m sworn off online for good; just concentrating on what makes me happy. As I get closer to 60, though it’s depressing to think about growing old alone..
        Wishing you well and hoping for good dating karma.

        • Hi Janet! Great to hear from you! Yes, dating, online or otherwise, is discouraging. I’m not giving up hope though! Good for you for ‘doing you’ and not worrying about online dating. It really is important. Yes, the thought of growing old alone is a sad one, but if you cultivate friendships and keep doing things that you love, you’ll never truly be alone. Damn, I kinda want to punch myself for just writing that, but it is true……. I did something completely out of character for me last year with the sole intention of doing something that I love and I’ve ended up making some terrific friends from it. xoxoxo

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