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Universe Shcmooniverse, Just Delete Contacts In Your Phone…. March 12, 2016

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So everyone says that you ‘find it when you’re not looking’.  Honestly, I kinda want to smack the shit out of those people.  It’s annoying.  I even had a friend go so far as to tell me over brunch one day that I was still single because I had an ‘agenda’ and was ‘looking’ too hard.  What?  I have no agenda and if the fact that I have a half assed dating profile online is considered looking too hard, then I don’t know what to do about that.  She said that I just need to leave it up to the universe.  To sit back and it would find me.  She also said that I need to wear more form fitting clothes.  Considering she dresses a bit like a high class hooker, I let that one go.

I attempted to explain to her that being ‘open and hopeful’ regarding finding someone and ‘having an agenda’ are two completely different things.  She wasn’t listening.  Whatever.  I know she meant no harm, but the way she said it was just so condescending and annoying.  She’s lucky I didn’t throw my eggs benedict at her.

Best part of all this?  Unbeknownst to me, she hired a matchmaker!!!!  Way to leave it to the universe.

Okay, moving on.  Last night I opted to clean out the contacts in my phone.  When I list guys from online into my phone I usually put their 1st name, which website they’re from (remember that I’ve been on many over the years) and some sort of identifier.  For those of you keeping track, last night I deleted 8 Johns, 3 Pauls, 2 Toms, 4 Davids and a few other assorted names.  If I couldn’t even picture who they were or when we conversed, they got deleted.

Not 2 minutes after I did that I received a text from an unknown number saying ‘Hi Grey Goose, I hope that you’ve been well.  Are you still single and dating?’  How amazingly random is that timing?  As I assumed that it was someone that I had just deleted, I wrote back that I was fine and saying that I wasn’t sure who this was as I had just cleaned out my phone.  He sent back that it had been a while, that I may not remember him and gave me his name.  Still wasn’t sure as there were 2 guys I sort of remembered with his name and I still had to figure out which one he was.

Being the smart cookie that I am, I figured it out.  And remembered why we had never met previously.  We had had one phone conversation in which I don’t think we clicked and he didn’t seem over his ex yet.  I certainly wasn’t going to go down that road ever again, so I opted out of meeting.  We texted back and forth for a while and he wants to meet up now, but I’m not sure.  I guess we’ll see.  Until then, the ‘good morning’ text messages have begun.

Want to know the most random thing of all about this?  This is the 2nd time this has happened!  Last time I deleted a bunch of names from my phone, I got a text from an unknown number who happened to be a different guy from online.  So weird.  Maybe the universe has some sort of notification system when a prospect gets deleted from your phone?



4 Responses to “Universe Shcmooniverse, Just Delete Contacts In Your Phone….”

  1. Don’t people love to preach! Do whatever the hell you want and you’ll find what works for you! Sounds like you’re doing just fine anyways!

    • It was so weird. I’m sadly used to people preaching to me, but to be so enormously hypocritical (my filtered way of saying full of shit) caught me by surprise. To each his own, I guess!

  2. musicmae Says:

    I would give the guy another chance. It has been awhile maybe he is finally over his ex. Yeah I was in the same boat as you, I use to get mad a guys when they made a decision after one date. I was like how do they know? I was kind of doing the same thing. I decided to give the guy a few more dates before I finally decided and to my surprise I actually found one I liked. Everything is so instant in our society now, it takes time to truly get to know somone and feel comfortable around them. I’d say go on a date what do you have to loose?

    • The only times I make a one date decision is if I’m not physically attracted to them at all (or if it was just a horrible time). If I can’t ever imagine kissing the guy, then I’m out. The ones I’m on the fence about, I would absolutely give another chance to (as I would hope they would to me). I will probably end up meeting this guy but he’s treading a fine line between confidence and cocky in his messages….

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