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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words… April 2, 2016

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My ever dwindling ego continues to do so thanks to online dating.  I’ve been messaging and texting back and forth with a seemingly cute, tall and nice guy.  I liked his profile, thought his pictures were attractive and he could spell.  What more could a gal ask for?  I assume he liked my profile and photos as well.  I’m good about pictures, I make sure to put face shots, full body shots (no, no alcohol included) and always have at least 4 posted at any given time and update them.

I sort of find it annoying when guys ask for more pictures.  Hello?  If they think the pics I have up are outdated or not accurate, don’t they think I’d be smart enough to send the additional requested pic that was equally outdated?  I may take it wrong when guys ask for more pictures as I assume they want to ‘double check’ that I look how I look.  Why else would they want them?

When I told him that I didn’t have any on my phone to send him, he asked for a selfie.  Ack!  I not only hate selfies but am incapable of taking a good one.  I’m always so worried about getting a good shot and concentrating on looking in the right area that I always have this weirdly painful looking smirk.  And I mean always.

Anywho, as he seemed nice enough and did send me un-requested selfies of himself, I figured I’d bite the bullet and send one.  Mind you it took me ALL damn day to get one that I felt was shareable.  So I sent it.  And put the caption that this was as good as my selfie-challenged abilities got and adding that I hoped he had a great day.

And that was yesterday.  And I never heard back.  Sure he could have dropped his phone in the toilet or was so impressed and amazed by my stunning beauty that he is still trying to formulate a non stuttering response, but I’m just guessing that he didn’t like what he saw.  Which, to be clear, is pretty much exactly what I have posted online.  Ouch.





7 Responses to “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…”

  1. Damia Says:

    This is my life. Great and relatable post!

  2. Hello GG. I’ve had this happen numerous times. Guy sees online pictures, likes them enough to write a thoughtful email, we text.. then he asks for more pictures, specifically selfies. Being 44 years old and gainfully employed most of the time, I don’t sit around taking thousands of selfies .. I just don’t. So the men who ask for selfies to me? Are men that are looking for self-obsessed younger women. Which is not me. I am no longer on any dating websites, but in the future, if a man asks for a selfie, I’m going to respond, “why would you want a selfie when you can see the real thing?”… if that doesn’t lead to meeting in person, well, then, it just wasn’t meant to be.

  3. Maybe they asked for another picture because you are attractive.

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