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Anyone Need A Pen Pal? April 8, 2016

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As it’s 1:10am and I’m still wide awake thanks to my screwed up back, I figured I’d fill you all 2 in on my latest and greatest dating experiences.  Now, to be clear, by ‘greatest’ I mean that I’m not actually ready to throw myself off of the highest building that I can find.  Yet.

I’d like to tell you that I messed up my back dancing on a bar, running from date to date, traveling the world or, for those of you that have been reading my drivel for a while and not yet thrown your own selves off of a high building, riding a shiny new bike, but alas it’s nothing fun like that.  It’s because I’m apparently old.  And falling apart.  Lucky man who gets this package!

Anywhoo, I’m still sort of on POF.  By sort of, I mean I check in every blue moon to see what stellar prospects are awaiting my attention.  This evening morning, it was a man who lives 4 states away, a lovely 67 year old gentleman and a man who may have written the world’s most defensive and negative profile essay ever.  Oh, the choices.

I seem to be collecting pen pals though.  While I’ll never understand why men just want to text back and forth forever, when I have nothing better to do I’m happy to play along.  The gentleman that texted me out of the blue about a month ago is still messaging me.  Today, when he asked how my week has been, I responded in kind and asked how his has been.  He said it’s been great and that he’d been on a couple of dates.  Uhm, okay.  Weird that he would write that, but as I’m in no way invested in this, I just chalked it up to his being a bit of a doof (read: dumbass).  I replied with ‘I hope your dates were terrific and you’ve met some nice women’.  Not sure if he thought I’d be jealous or what, but I wasn’t.  If he wants to play the friend card, then so will I.  He responds back wanting to know if WE will ever meet.  I say ‘I assume so, you’ve just not asked’.  And just like that a date was made.  Well, at least a flurry of ideas for our big meeting were exchanged.  Some ideas were better than others.  I declined the ‘skinny dipping in the ocean’ (not the least of the reason being that we live in a land-locked state).  I guess we’ll see.

On an equally lengthy strand of text messages I have the man who never responded back after I sent him that selfie.  Against all I stand for, I refrained from sending him a shitty, passive-aggressive text letting him know how crappy I thought it was that he timed his ‘exit’ to my sending a pic that he requested.  Anywhoo, I heard from him a few days later.  No reference to the selfie and wanting to know how I’ve been.  Odd.  So we’re still texting, but it’s really going nowhere.  When I think about it, his ‘pattern’ of communication leads me to believe that he’s already seeing someone or *gasp* married.  Lucky me.  Then again, I could be wrong and he just goes to bed really early and only is allowed access to his phone between the hours of 8am and 2pm.  It could happen……..

And that, my friends, is my middle of the night update on my less than exciting dating experiences!  You’re welcome 🙂



8 Responses to “Anyone Need A Pen Pal?”

  1. 1smiles Says:

    Thank you for the update… I was curious actually. I’m again back in the same dating cesspool. I had met someone, He began proposing on our third date. I encouraged him to settle for a movie, which he did. We continued on just over a year. That year included an engagement, buying a house and my moving there with him. Two days before my apartment lease ran out, he announced he wasn’t ready to get married. BAM!
    Fortunately my apartment hadn’t been re-rented, so they let me keep it. I moved back, And now commute 4 hours every day to a job I found there that I absolutely love.
    Like you, I’ve got the forever text-ers that have no courage to actually ask for a date.
    Hope your back feels better soon.

  2. cheryl Says:

    Well girls I’ve been on lots of dates. Don’t be jealous now. They have almost all been first dates only. No spark. Should I be more selective and go on less dates? Damn if I know. Lots of free dinners is one positive I suppose. Lots of nice men too. Just not the right I type this I’m waiting for one of them. Keep you posted!

    • Go you Cheryl! At least you’re out there dating. I’ve subscribed to both schools of though regarding who to go out with. Be too selective or not selective enough; liking a guy but not being attracted to him; trying to decide if a 2nd date is worth it …….. blah, blah, blah. You have to do what you feel is right. Keep me posted on how everything goes!

  3. thepurpledreamer Says:

    Could be married, certainly sounds like it but like you say if you have no vested interest and nothing better to do then what’s the harm. It passes the time and provides you with blog food! Winning!

  4. meccasanwick Says:

    GG. Something relatively brilliant just came to mind. I’ve come to learn post…after post…after post…that older men seriously have NO idea how to date, and/or they are still using methods that may have worked for them during their teen/college years, but they are now methods that are rather antiquated.

    I’m thinking you and I should begin hosting seminars to teach them how to date in the 21st century.

    Either that…or maybe we could just begin writing a book. That would be less travel and easier consider our geographical differences. 🙂

    • I think you’re right that men (in all ranges) don’t really know how to date or ‘read’ a situation. I’m liking the seminar idea or book. Then we can go on a world tour teaching these poor men how to date. For that matter though, we should probably write a book for women as well …….. it’s only fair! 🙂

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