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Repo Man November 28, 2016

So one of the 1st men that I communicate with on Bumble (my new favorite hobby) is this darling guy that seems, at 1st, kinda nervous but also seems uber sweet in our communications.  I actually gave him my phone number so that we could text off of the app, which I don’t do all that much anymore.  I was pretty sure that he would not take advantage of my trust and send me a dick pic (which, at the ripe old age of 49, and years of online dating, I still haven’t been the recipient of) and he didn’t let me down.

We texted for several days and made plans to meet up.  As the universe likes to play tricks on me, it happened to be an uber busy work week for me, so I couldn’t meet until the following weekend.  He was fine with that and we kept chatting.

He sent me the sweetest message a few days before our scheduled meet date that he wanted to take me out to a nice dinner as I deserved to be waited on and wanted to know if Friday or Sunday would work best for me.  I chose Sunday.  Although it’s against my better judgement to meet for a meal at 1st (no quick get away), I really kind of liked this guy.  He had a darling personality, was very polite and it didn’t hurt that he’s cute as hell (at least in the pictures that I saw and that he sent).

I apologized for delaying our meeting so long (probably 2 weeks since we decided to actually meet up) and he said he totally understood as he’s self employed as well and knows how it goes.  Btw, I find his job kinda fascinating and was looking forward to talking to him about it.  Actually, I was looking forward to everything about meeting him.  You well know that doesn’t happen often either!

The day before we were to meet, on Saturday, he send a text that says ‘hi’.  Uh oh.  That’s not good.  He always sent long, interesting and entertaining text messages.  He proceeds to send that he really was looking forward to meeting me, but in the 2 weeks that I made him wait to meet me, he met someone else and since their 3rd date the night before ‘went really well’ (we all know what that means), he didn’t feel right about meeting me.  Damn, I missed getting myself in there under the 3rd date deadline with the mystery woman.  Guess I should have chosen Friday night instead of Sunday….

I wrote back that I was happy that he met someone that he liked, that I would never begrudge anyone for finding happiness, and that he knew where to find me if things didn’t work out with her.  I wrote that while I was happy for him, I was sad for me as I was looking forward to meeting him, but that I admired his honesty and I hoped that someone would do the same for me. He seemed a bit shocked and amazed that I was so cool and understanding about it.  Uh, are most online dating women not?

We chatted a while longer and he kinda debated meeting me anyway, but I don’t want to be ‘THAT’ girl, so I wished him well.  He wrote me the next day saying that, for what it’s worth, he thought about me a lot that day.  Uhm, don’t do that….

He checked in the week following to see if ‘someone had snatched me up yet’ (amazingly no!) and we chatted for a bit.  Solidifying that I really could have liked this guy (especially since the appeal of an unavailable man seems to attract me).  Alas, that was over 2 weeks ago and I haven’t heard from him since.  I thought about wishing him a Happy Thanksgiving, but opted not to.  I guess things are working out well for he and date #3 gal.

Darn. 😉 Is it bad for me to hope that the current gal doesn’t work out?  While I wait, I guess it’s onto the next …………….



6 Responses to “Repo Man”

  1. Courtney Cordaro Says:

    You need to post more frequently! 🙂

    • Hi Courtney! I really do, but honestly, my dating/love life has been non existent for about a year and I don’t think you’d want to read posts about me doing laundry 😉 I’ll try to do better!

  2. 1smiles Says:

    Remember the movie… “Under the Tuscan Sun”? She met the most amazing man.. but then life kept getting in the way of them meeting again. Near miss after near miss. Then she finally met up with him and lo and behold, he had moved on.
    There was a purpose to their short-lived connection. She learned from it that there are great guys out there. And she learned that she was desirable. She also learned that “TIMING” is critical. For what ever reason, the timing for her and the guy, just wasn’t right. Soon enough she met a different guy that was just right.

  3. […] Nope, it wasn’t TD.  It was Repo Man […]

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