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Date #2; Of Blue Men & Disappointment December 2, 2016

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So 007 locked down date #2 while still on date #1.  Go him!  He had paid for our original activity so I offered to pick up the check when we went to dinner.  He refused but said ‘you can get dinner next time’.  Good boy. 😉

He only gets one day off a week from his fascinating profession and it happened to coincide with a show I wanted to see, so I asked if he would be interested in going with me.  He said yes and that he would get tickets.  As the tickets were anything but cheap and it was my idea, I refused and said that I would get the tickets.  After a bit of back and forth, he finally agreed on the condition that he would pay for everything else that night.  I readily agreed.  Did I mention how expensive the tickets were?

He had already warned me that he is perpetually late.  I, in turn, warned him that one of my biggest pet peeves is when people are late.  Er……… So he picked a yummy sounding restaurant to meet and had made a reservation.  I get there 5 minutes early and tell the hostess that we have a reservation.  Normal right?  Until she asks me what name it’s under.  I say ‘007’.  She asks, ‘what’s the last name’.  Uhm……. no clue.  Not awkward at all.

I am standing there, red faced, when he walks up to save the day!  And he was early!!  Too cute that he actually had arrived 20 minutes early as he was nervous about being late.  Again, good boy!

Dinner was good.  Conversation was a bit stilted but good.  We wandered around a bit before venturing off to find our seats at the venue.  As an aside, I did a LOUSY job at picking seats!  I can never decipher those little ‘maps’ that they show on ticketmaster.  Oh well.

We still had some time before the show started and somehow we started talking about birthdays and astrological signs.  Of course, I had to google his and read what his description said.  All good and fun, but a few seemed to be pretty accurate; both good and bad.  We did the same for mine.  We both had a good laugh and it distracted me from the little boy sitting on my left who was elbowing me non stop.

The show started.  We watched.  Sadly, the show SUCKED!  What a shame.  I was so looking forward to it but it was nothing like any of their previous shows.  Boo.  Anywhoo, we suffered through it.  When it was over he walked me to my car and we hugged.  He had tried to nervously hold my hand a few times during the show, but as I didn’t really react, he never followed through.  Kinda telling on my part, but we’ll see ….. I was leaving the next day for 10 days out of town, so we said we’d ‘chat’…….

As a very odd aside, the following week, while I was still out of town, my friends and I went to giant yard sale for charity.  On one of the junk tables sat 2 wood paintings.  On each was a single astrological sign.  They were sitting side by side and the only 2 that were there.  It was 007’s sign and my sign.  So I bought them. They were hideous and not my style at all, but it was for charity, right??



6 Responses to “Date #2; Of Blue Men & Disappointment”

  1. Lysandra Says:

    Not to be mean, but I’ve been reading your blog for years and it’s titled “43 and Single” but you’re almost 50 at this point and still no cigar. Maybe it’s time to stop being so picky and lower your expectations a bit. At your age, and admittedly being slightly chubby, even if still cute, youre not gonna score a Brad Pitt. I feel like you are more selective than what you yourself are offering, and have kind of always been, and that’s why you’ve gotten nowhere.

    • Hi Lysandra. You’re absolutely entitled to your opinion and everyone ‘sees’ things differently, but unless you know me personally, you only know what I choose to write. If, on the off chance that you DO know me personally, then you would also know that I put a humorous spin on things. In that same realm, you also know that I wasted several of the past few years on someone that I shouldn’t have. If you think I’m looking for a Brad Pitt, then you have garnered absolutely nothing from my blog. Looks mean very little to me. Chemistry, however, does. That involves personalities, interests, and many other factors. You have no real idea what my ‘expectations’or ‘standards’ are, if any. Thanks, however, for pointing out that I’ve been writing this blog for 6 years and that I’m still single. I’m well aware. For the record, I am still cute and have a shit ton to offer. I don’t view my past relationships (or lack thereof) as getting me ‘nowhere’. While I appreciate your comment (well, not really), it was mean spirited and I’m pretty sure you meant it to be.

      By the way, I find it odd that you have written this comment after a recap of a 2nd date. Do you know that there wasn’t a 3rd or *gasp* a 4th and maybe I just haven’t written about it yet?

  2. Cheryl Says:

    Not to be mean, but why don’t you just give up on ever meeting anyone or better yet, jump off a bridge because your life is so pathetic?

    Obviously I’m saying this in jest, and mimicking the above person. How is what she said “not mean?”

    Too bad about the show. I’m guessing it was Cirque de Soleil but of course you probably don’t want to say.

    You are better than me, because I don’t offer to pay for dates. For the most part, I date men who make a lot more money than me and at the beginning, I don’t want to spend money on dates that most likely won’t lead anywhere. Okay, I said it. I’m cheap and you’re not!

    • I know, right? Haha, you’re not cheap. I usually offer to pay for small things – like if he buys dinner, i’ll buy drinks. Of course, I always hope they won’t let me, but I don’t always get lucky! Yes, it was a Cirque show and it was horrible! NO tumbling or acrobatics at ALL. Boo! As it was just date #2 and it was my idea to go, I didn’t feel right about having him drop $150 ….

  3. Cheryl Says:

    OK, not only do I feel cheap now, but stupid. Looked at the title of your post – not Cirque de Soleil!

    • It WAS Cirque! It was their Avatar-esque show “Toruk”. I’ve never been so disappointed as I LOVE Cirque. But only when they do what they’re supposed to do! If I wanted to pay so much money to see bad theatre, I would have done so 😉

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