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Accidental Invite December 4, 2016

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007 works shitty hours at his fascinating job.  Like 14 hour shifts 6 days a week.  Oh, and they’re overnight shifts right now too.  Yey me.  So our last date was to see the disappointing  Cirque Du Soleil show.  Then I was leaving town for 10 days.  We only texted once while I was away.

When I got back, our weather (no, the real weather, this isn’t a metaphor for anything) had changed and gotten really cold.  I texted to see if he was bundled up as it was supposed to be close to freezing that night.  We texted for a while and he said that he’d been thinking of me.  That’s sweet and all, but how am I to know if he doesn’t reach out?

He then asks me out on a date.  For December 16th.  Uh, that was 3 weeks away.  He said that all days off for his detail had been revoked due to travel plans.  I totally get that.  I guess a fascinating job equals a shitty schedule. I am supposed to leave town on the 15th for 3 weeks, but told him that I might be able to be persuaded to delay my departure.  He sweetly said that he would do his best to make that happen.

He did ask me to meet him for a late breakfast on Sunday (4 days away).  As I had plans already with a big group of friends I had to decline.  I did throw in a ‘you’re welcome to join us if you want’.  Being as I am meeting a group of 15 friends, I assumed that he would decline the invitation.  He did not.  He said great and that he was looking forward to it.  Okee dokee.

Today is Sunday Funday with friends.  As the last conversation I had with 007 took place via text on Tuesday and I haven’t heard from him since, who knows if he’ll actually show.  I guess I’ll know in about an hour ……..


3 Responses to “Accidental Invite”

  1. Kirsty Says:

    I hope he does! P.s love that you’ve started to write regularly again. Hope today is a Funday!

  2. […] was my now annual gathering of friends for brunch, cocktails, laughs and catch ups.  After I accidentally invited 007 to my brunch with 15 friends and he accepted, I panicked a little.  I had only been on 2 fairly […]

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