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Polo Guy December 7, 2016

Filed under: internet dating — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 8:38 am

*alright, we’re back on track today – no pissy comment retaliation, no talk of TD – back to me*

So……Polo Guy.  Think horses, not embroidered shirts.  Polo guy was another ‘swipe right’ on Bumble.  You know the drill; he obviously swiped right too.  All his photos were either on polo ponies, holding a polo mallet (is that what it’s called?), wearing jodhpurs or some other reference to polo playing.  Of course, me just being me (and a big dork), I write ‘Hi!  Soooooo, you play polo?’ 😉 He sends back some overly effusive ‘OMG!  You’re gorgeous!  Thank you SO much for writing!!’  Of course, my inability to just accept a compliment assumes that he’s drunk.

Anyway, we chat for a while and he’s semi interesting and remains over the top complimentary, so we continue chatting for a few days.  We chat about horses (duh), polo, vacation destinations, careers, favorite foods, you know, all the soul bearing things.  We were both leaving town the following week (no, not together), so I suggest we meet for a quick drink.  He seemingly almost fell off his chair and proceeds to name drop some amazing restaurants and bars in town.  You know, the ones that you wish you could afford to go to, but don’t.  It struck me as a bit odd, but who am I to argue?

We set a date and continue to chat via Bumble.  Unfortunately (?) I had to postpone our meeting until we both returned to town due to work.  He was completely understanding and still, after more than a week of messaging back and forth, hugely over the top in his compliments.  While we all know I love a good compliment, at some point they seem disingenuous when they come so fast and furious.

I wished him safe travels on his trip before he left.  And ……………. that was that.  Haven’t heard from him since and I haven’t messaged him either.  Guys are so weird.


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