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Cynical Much?! January 20, 2017

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Honest to G-d, online dating attracts some of the shittiest people in the universe.  Before I could even meet Mr.Cut Off Communication, he turned into an ass.  As I will do for any ass-wipe who pisses me off, below is our exchange, word for word, after I checked in to make sure we were still on for our date.

ME: As I haven’t heard from you, I just wanted to make sure we were still on for Thursday at 7pm.  Looking forward to meeting you!

HIM: I am sorry but since there is such a high flake factor on these sites I don’t continue dialogue until we meet. if was not available I would let you know. We are still on for a drink or two to meet tomorrow at Blue Martini at 7 pm

ME:  Interesting, but I guess I get it. See you tomorrow at 7.

HIM:  I am sure you have other people you are seeing or planning to see. You appear to have any issue with my approach. I may suggest that you see the other men and see if you have a connection. Let me know otherwise if it does not work out for you on these other dates. I have told you I don’t like to date stack. I am open to seeing you but don’t want to waste your time or mine.

ME:  I can’t believe  you just sent that to me.  I have told you that I don’t ‘date stack’. However you don’t seem to believe me, pretty much calling me a liar. You need to be careful what you infer from a simple statement of ‘interesting, but I guess I understand’. You don’t seem to be a trusting person and obviously think the worst of people, so that probably won’t work. I was looking forward to meeting you, and only thought your ‘no communication without meeting’ was odd as you didn’t bother to tell me that that was your approach before doing it. You just didn’t respond to my last message and assumed I would figure out that was what you were doing? I might suggest that if you are going to cut off contact for whatever cynical reason, you should probably let the other person know.

Am I missing something?  What the hell did I do to deserve that ridiculous message?!!  Isn’t it polite to reconfirm a date so the other person is assured that they won’t get stood up?


2 Responses to “Cynical Much?!”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Sorry to say it, but his behavior is not unusual when it comes to online dating. I find that men are very sensitive and it’s best to say little that he may take the wrong way, however difficult that can be when you don’t know what his hot button issues are yet. At the beginning of last year, I dated online a lot and was so discouraged and defeated that I haven’t been back on since (except to peek but my profile is hidden).

    Here’s one example. I was supposed to meet a man for a first date, but he cancelled due to some family issue. I responded merely with “ok,” which he took issue with. Because that showed I didn’t care, apparently. Guess what, I don’t care. I haven’t even met you yet. I figured he was flaking on me. Then when we talked on the phone, and he brought it up, I said, “I thought you might be a player and that maybe your family wasn’t the real reason you cancelled, so I just responded with ok.” He didn’t like me using the word “player” but I thought we sorted it out over a lengthy, rather exhausting phone call about it. The next morning, I received a text saying he couldn’t go out with me because I made an assumption that wasn’t true and he was insulted. The way I figured it, I dodged a bullet.

    And so began a snowball of such bad communication, awful first dates, etc that I gave up.

  2. Idiots. I got a weird feeling when he suggested an area other than where I suggested, but geez. How much more filtered can I be? The big dumbass probably assumed I was reconfirming our date so that I could schedule several other dates around that one?! Honestly, I don’t have the energy. Worst part is that he flat out said to me in an earlier message that he doesn’t ‘date stack’. I asked him what that even was and he explained about dating many people at once and on the same day. He asked if I did that and said he wasn’t into that if I was. I told him that I don’t (not this year, at least), so to get this accusation pissed me the f*ck off. I probably should have handled it better, but I was pissed, so I just sent off the 1st thing that came to mind. Not my finest moment.

    Men need to sack up for shit’s sake. Negativity attracts negativity and making assumptions based on nothing are annoying as hell,

    I think we both dodged bullets!!

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