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Apparently My Mantra Is Broken…. January 27, 2017

Filed under: internet dating — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 12:47 pm

I’ve done it again.  Or rather online dating has done it again.  It has me questioning my faith in humanity.  And myself.  I KNEW he was a player.  I KNEW he wasn’t serious.  I KNEW I shouldn’t have wasted my time.  Yet I did.  I wanted him to prove me wrong.  I wanted him to turn out to be a good guy.  He did not and I can’t even blame him.  

Presumed married guy, who I will now refer to as Fucktard just stood me up.  Stood me up after cancelling on me last night.  Well, I guess if I was willing to meet him at 9pm, it would have been a go.  I was not.

So we rescheduled for tonight.  And he kept changing the time.  Annoying, but whatever.  At one point I didn’t even bother getting ready as I figured he would change/cancel/flake.  He messaged when he was done with dinner and I actually felt hopeful for a millisecond.  I quickly got ready while waiting for his response on where we were meeting. When he didn’t respond right away, I suggested a place as it would take me a minute to get there.

He then says he’s tired.  Seriously?  I ask if he’s really planning on showing and he says yes.  And then 5 minutes later, as I’m on my way, he says we should probably cut our losses.  And then says he wanted to meet me but that I no longer sounded fun.  Ya’ think?!

I was very polite in my response.  I thanked him for wasting my time and then called him a dumb fucker…..


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