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Maybe There’s Something To This…. January 29, 2017

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So there was that awesome date I had a while a go where the ‘gentleman’ (and I use that term loosely) insulted me repeatedly.  Unintentionally, of course.  Then we have the dickhead who accused me of lying and ‘date stacking’ before we even met.  Then there was Presumed Married Guy who turned out to be just as immature and ridiculous as I always thought.  While I do still have a meeting (I can’t even call it a date) with Mr ‘Hi’ for next week and still am sort of hoping to meet Repo Man, who although we still chat and text, isn’t ready to ‘date’, I’m on the verge of going offline.  Again.  After all of 2 months.

While I had already decided that I was going to do things differently in 2017 and had some of my thoughts and ideas confirmed by my new best friend/psychic, I’m always a bit worried that my ideas might fall flat.  I opted to test drive one last night.  I went to a group happy hour with a bunch of people that I didn’t know.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  If I’m in a big group of people where I know no one, I automatically turn into the biggest wallflower you’ve ever seen.  Give me just one person that I know and feel comfortable with in that group and I turn into my very own floor show.  Luckily I had plans to meet a friend and his new girlfriend prior to the start of the event, so all was good!

We met for a drink, chatted and prepared ourselves for the onslaught of people to arrive.  And they did.  And a very small older man seemed to take a liking to me.  Uh, no.  I was polite, yet not overly engaging.  We spoke a bit about our work and he asked for my business card.  Shit.  I, of course, gave it to him in the hopes that he actually calls to hire me and NOT to ask me out.  Anyway, as the group arrived and everyone sat down, I found myself seated next to older man and was really uncomfortable.  I awkwardly excused myself and went back to sit at the bar.  Luckily my friend, his girlfriend and another gentleman followed suit.  The 4 of us ended up having a great time and after regaling everyone with my less than stellar online dating stories, I found myself sitting next to someone new.  Who was very interesting, polite and engaging.  We talked for over an hour and during that time my friend and his girlfriend left.  Also during that time the little older man walked passed and announced ‘I’ll call you’.  Errrrr, thanks.

Anywhoo, Mr New Guy ended up asking for my phone number!  I can’t even remember the last time that someone new, met organically, that I had even the slightest interest in, did that!  Yey.  I gave it to him, he walked me to my car, he gave me a big hug and that was that.  I did drive home with a smile on my face though.  I said a little thank you to my new best friend/psychic for giving me the insight and courage to go out, meet people in person and leave my seemingly impossible to scale walls at home.  What do you know?  It worked!

The fact that new guy is a psychiatrist shouldn’t concern me, right?  😉



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