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Friends? March 8, 2017

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Funny how different people interpret things different ways.  Funny how, when presented with the exact same information, different people come to completely different conclusions.  Funny how when 9 ‘friends’ were posed with the same facts, I got 9 different outcomes.

One of my favorite (and by favorite, I mean annoying) habits is to overthink things.  ALL things.  Even things that aren’t my fault.  Even things that I could initially interpret as my being blameless, then proceed to twist and fret over things until I can pinpoint what I did wrong.  I do NOT recommend this as a way to live your life.

Anywhoo, remember that awesome 9 part text I received on Saturday morning?  The one that contained not only a ‘break up’ but also managed to blame me for it?  Yeah, that one.  Here’s another fun fact about me.  I own my shit.  I may be rude at times.  Or un-thoughtful.  Or completely ridiculous.  I own it and accept responsibility.  If I really caused the break up text, then fine, tell me.  I’ll accept it and move on.  Although I totally didn’t, btw….

I wasn’t at that point yet.  I was still analyzing absolutely everything about our text message exchange.  And one of my friends suggested I just read the text messages to all of them.  One exceptionally ‘awesome’ friend instructed me to ‘read it exactly as written and not to insert words/phrases/emotions that weren’t actually there’.  Uhm,  thanks ‘friend’.  Anyway, I ended up reading the text exchanges to a total of 9 of my friends over a 2 day period.  Really, why obsess over things on my own when I can annoy the hell out of friends?

Here are the outcomes of these 9 friends’ opinions once they were all presented with identical information.

1 friend told me to get over it and walked away midway through my text message narrations

1 friend told me that I was misinterpreting what was written and to give him another chance

1 friend told me it wasn’t, in fact, a break up

1 friend told me it was completely my fault

4 friends told me that he was an immature asshole and there was someone better out there for me

1 friend interrupted me and changed the subject to her past dating life

According to these results, I’ve decided that:

  1. This WASN’T my fault
  2. I probably did dodge a bullet
  3. I have 2 too many ‘friends’



2 Responses to “Friends?”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    I have two friends who know pretty much everything about my love life. One friend defends me to the death, always blaming the guy in any situation. That kind of makes me feel good. The other friend presents a balanced view, letting me know where I might have been wrong. I must say that the second friend is the one whose wisdom I rely on, while the first friend is great when I’m down and need a cheerleader. So I consider both good support, just in different ways.

    As for your situation, I’m in the camp of him being immature and that there’s someone better for you.

    Although I must say, as far as your 2 other “friends,” that I may have been guilty of being too harsh or abrupt in the past with girlfriends and their dating woes. It’s something I need to work on.

    • I think we all could probably use a little help in the empathy department. While I’m all for an honest opinion, to blurt out an unsupportive one, halfway thru the story, just kinda shows that they weren’t listening anyways….boo on them.

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