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I’ve Got A Plan July 18, 2017

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So, I probably (or probably don’t) owe you an explanation.  To those tried and true gluttons for punishment that still read my silly little blog every three months or whenever I opt to write a post updating everyone that I have no updates. Well, your patience has been rewarded.  Kind of.

Over the past several years I seems to have been trying to disprove Einstein’s theory regarding doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different outcome.  Turns out, he’s right!  Who knew?  Oh, well, everyone but me, apparently.  As I found myself getting a tad too complacent with all things Grey Goose related (dating, online dating, friendships, career, social life, etc….), I decided that it was time to shake things up a bit.  Yeah, yeah, I’ve said that before and my big ‘shake up’ was usually to try a different dating site.

As I have a significant birthday on the horizon (do the math, you can figure it out), I decided it was now or never to shake things up.  I had been talking about wanting to move for years but never had the guts to give up my business, my friends and all that was familiar to me and, essentially, start over.  Well I did it.  I really did it!  And I’m thrilled and excited and scared and nervous and hopeful and optimistic for the 1st time in way too many years.

I moved 2 states away.  I sold all my investment properties in my prior home state, walked away from my business that I worked so very hard to start and build 20+ years ago, said some very hard good bye’s to friends and family, sold a lot of my belongings, packed up the rest and moved.  As I was making the 2 day trek to my new home, I was in a bit of disbelief that I had just literally walked away from my old life.  Okay, driven, but you know what I mean.

I have a house that I love in a wonderful neighborhood.  I’ve met some terrific neighbors.  I had 2 existing friends that lived in said new town (1 has been amazing and 1 I have yet to see) and I know that I will make more.  It’s been an adjustment and the move itself was less than stellar, but I’m getting my bearings and excited to see what this new life of mine brings me.  I am officially unemployed and have no idea what I want to do career wise, but I’m not worried, I know I’ll find something and land on my feet.  Although I sometimes take the scenic route to get there, I always do.

I know that those overly literal folks that tend to pop out of the woodwork to bash and state the obvious and insulting will probably miss the entire point of this post by telling me that I can’t run away from my problems.  That I just moved them to a different geographic location.  To those people, I say ‘no shit’.  I didn’t run away, I am the same me as I always was, but I’m a better version of me.  An optimistic one.  A hopeful one.  A content one.  Will my dating life be any better here than it was there?  That remains to be seen, but I’m just not worried about it.

For those of you that ‘get me’, you know that going with the flow is not a strong point of mine.  That needing/wanting a plan with clear to follow footsteps is a big thing for me and my astrological sign.  That trusting the universe to take care of me has never been my ‘thing’.  My plan is no plan.  Really.  I AM trusting in the universe to lead the way.  I’m not stressed, I’m not sad, I’m not discontent.  I’m happy.  Truly happy.  It’s been a very long time since I’ve been able to say that and mean it.

Don’t worry that this blog will transform into anything than it always has been.  Funny daily happenings.  ‘Interesting’ dating stories.  Introspective and boring posts thrown in here and there.  The odd mention of TD (yuck).  Basically a slightly (or immensely) sarcastic spin on all things Grey Goose will continue.  I’ve unpacked my last box, put away all my old ‘clutter’ (figuratively and literally) and am excited to see what the future holds ……….


4 Responses to “I’ve Got A Plan”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    I’m happy for you. That’s a pretty courageous step, leaving it all behind. I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventures, dating and otherwise.

  2. Cheryl Says:

    Any updates? I’ve been wondering how well you’ve managed to settle in and what dating stories you have for us.

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