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The Ginger February 6, 2018

I love me a good ginger.  No, really.  No clue what it is about red haired men, but I just love them.  I find them quirky and funny and by and large, just really good guys.  So of course when I was sitting at a friend’s house and we were companionably swiping on our Bumble options side by side, we came across the same cute ginger at the same time.  While I went ‘yey, a ginger!’ she went ‘bleck’.  Oh well, that’s what makes the world go round, I guess.  Left swipes and Right ones (figuratively and literally).

I messaged back and forth with The Ginger for a while and discovered that he’s not actually from here.  Oh.  Boo.  He travels for business.  I called him out on having a bumble in every port and he clarified that it’s a fun way to meet a new friend for a drink when traveling.  Oh, okay.  Makes sense.  I totally believed him (which, as you know, it’s not a strong point of mine) and asked when he was leaving town.

I ended up meeting him the next night for drinks at a place that I chose.  He was adorable.  In a total Richie Cunningham sort of way.  For those of you that are too young to understand that reference, fuck off your loss.  It was a bit stilted and awkward at 1st, but either due to the vodka sodas or just feeling more comfortable with one another, it turned into a great date!!  We ended up staying for hours; talking, laughing, telling stories and just generally having a really good time.  No clue if there were any sparks (on either end), but as he doesn’t live here anyway, I took it for what it was.  A really fun evening.  We ended up exchanging numbers and said we’d keep in touch.

Now, if only I could have a date that good with someone local………..


9 Responses to “The Ginger”

  1. The Fonz? Who the fuck is that? It is ALL about Richie Cunnigham!! You GO girl! I am SO glad you took a chance and went out on that date, even though he wasn’t local. I am sure he gets a lot of left swipes because he is just a traveler. but it seems like he struck gold with you! I have learned that life is ALL about the moments, so now you have a fun night with lots of smiles and drinks with someone cute to remember!

    • For an online dater, you are surprisingly non-cynical 😉 Haha. Yes, it was fun. And I was due for a fun, pressure free date!

    • …I should say ‘refreshingly’ non cynical!

      • Haha! No problem. You know the thing is, (and I know age probably has nothing to do with this either), but as I have gotten older, I let a LOT of shit go. And to be fair, I did find my happiness. No, I didn’t find the “white knight” nor do I have plans for a white picket fence and marriage ANY time soon, even as I am approaching 40, but I did find appreciation and love for the men in my life. (Yes, men, what can i say, sometimes life works out that way, and honestly, I am the happiest i have ever been). Good luck chica! Rooting for you! ❤

  2. Good for you hun! I’m getting there. Slowly. One step forward, two back and all that jazz….

  3. Cheryl Says:

    Yeah for the gingers. My 22 year old son has red hair and is the kindest, most thoughtful young man. Sort of like a Richie Cunningham. Good for you that you went out with him and had a great time, even though you knew something most likely won’t develop long term. It’s true that life is more about taking part in those moments to simply enjoy.

  4. meccasanwick Says:

    Similar thing happened to me a few years back. Matched with s girl on OkCupid, and we began talking despite the fact that we lived 1400 miles apart. I believe I had asked in one of our first messages why she reach out to me (given the distance factor). She told me she traveled with a college group she belonged to frequently, but didn’t like hanging out with said people she traveled with, so she enjoyed trying to find decent people to meet in the varying cities.

    We ended up meeting when she was in town, going to a jazz district here. At the end of it all, we became friends.

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