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Night One March 1, 2018

A 28 year old. Go me. In theory. Got here this afternoon. Immediately proceeded to a friend’s condo for a beer. It went downhill from there. By downhill, I mean heading to the bar and proceeding to drink with friends for the next 7 hours and having a fucking blast.

We met some 20 somethings here on a bachelor weekend (let’s keep in mind that I am a semi ancient 50. Damn). No shit. Shots were had, drinks were had, 20 somethings on a bachelor trip were had. It was damn fun.

I decided to have some extra fun. I gave one of the kids my number. What transpired were hours of awkward texts from him. Like an insecure eager puppy. It was cute. My friends and I proceeded to respond to him (as me, of course). I told him to come over. He did. What happened next was a sped up version of the most selfish ‘session’ ever.

He was cute and hard bodied and half my age. He was every bit as selfish as I remember 20 year olds to be. He had the weirdest energy about him when he showed up. Eh, what did I care?

It was over way too soon and off he went. While fun for the short time that it lasted, not sure it was worth the effort of getting undressed.

I’ve got 5 more days left of vacay. Oh, and all of those ‘watching eyes’ that I was afraid of? They all rooted me on….

I love Mexico


7 Responses to “Night One”

  1. I would love to be in Mexico! It sounds like you are having so much fun!! I’m a little jelly

  2. Catherinette Says:

    Gurl, check you out!! Well done!

  3. 😂 not worth the effort of getting undressed! That comment cracked me up!

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