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Marco… March 3, 2018

Nope, not as in a strapping young Italian hard bodied man. As in Polo. You know, the quintessential childhood game where one person yells Marco and the other person yells Polo. It’s a game of finding someone. A somewhat annoying game of trying to find someone. Not unlike online dating.

If you yell Marco and the other person doesn’t respond with Polo, well then that’s cheating. And kind of shitty.

I haven’t heard from Mr. Vacation since Wednesday. Or maybe it was Thursday. Regardless, it’s Saturday. Pretty sure he flew back home today from his vacay. The last ‘conversation’ we had was about a tattoo he was planning on getting while away. I asked if he had gotten it yet. He said no, he was still designing it. I jokingly sent him an emoticon of a chicken. And that was that.

There are some options I have for the no messages in 2 days when we have messaged multiple times a day for 2+ weeks.

1) he broke his phone

2) he broke his finger

3) he met and fell in love with someone his last day of vacay

4) he found this blog

5) he knows I made fun of his teeth & porn stache

6) he got bored

7) he saw my updated pics online and got butthurt that I was still online

9) he saw my updated pics online and does not agree that I look good with dark hair

10) he decided he was gay

Pretty sure the fact that I’m not too crushed that he has apparently ghosted me is pretty telling….


12 Responses to “Marco…”

  1. That’s so frustrating. I think he isn’t contacting you because of something with him – nothing you have done. If he’s annoyed you are still on the dating sites, then he isn’t the right guy anyway. Sigh. I feel you.

  2. Catherinette Says:

    What would Matt Hussey say?

  3. Which one? Do tell…..

  4. I love how you do the same thing as me and try to work out the possible reasons men do the things they do…. I always find it’s the more innocent and rational reason that seems to be the cause but it still doesn’t stop me from assuming the worst!

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