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Quarterly Re-Cap March 8, 2018

Sure, the quarter isn’t technically over, but in regards to online dating shenanigans it is. For me, at least. Time for a break. As everyone loves a good list, here is the quick and not so dirty run down of all things 2018:

1st dates had: 13 (that lucky number just about says it all, doesn’t it)

2nd dates had: 1/2 (does being invited to his house to netflix and chill really count as a date?)

Men under 5’7″ that I met: 2

Number of men kissed: 1 (but DAMN, what a good kisser he was)

Number of men I feared would chop me into little pieces and shove me into their trunk: 1

Number of men met that looked nothing like their online photos: 3

Drinks paid for: 22

Appetizers consumed: 2

Dinner dates had: 2

Embarrassing meltdowns had: 1 (I’m so proud)

Vacation flings had: 1

‘Bike Rides’ had: 2 (which is 2 more than I’ve had in a loooong time)

Number of hair color changes: 2

Number of men that ghosted me after 3 weeks of texting: 1

Number of dating sites I started the year on: 4

Number of dating sites I’m on now: 2

Number of dates I plan to go on this month: 0

I will now proceed to spend the remainder of March NOT dating, NOT responding to men that I am not appropriately excited about, NOT obsessing over why guys think the way the do or what I may have done ‘wrong’. I will enjoy my uber dark hair (eek!), try to figure some shit out and just go about my business without the awesomeness of online dating. By awesomeness, I of course mean not so awesome. Oh, and I hid my Tinder profile. Sorry Mr. 40 year old, 6’2″ 175lb man/stick figure.


2 Responses to “Quarterly Re-Cap”

  1. Catherinette Says:

    I’m so glad that you weren’t chopped to bits.

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