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Well That Didn’t Last Long…. April 7, 2018

NO sooner do I send out my last post into the universe than Mr. England proves me wrong by pulling out some very pervy and inappropriate ‘English’ humor.  Believe me, I use the term humor loosely.  We all know that he’s a BIG fan of the emoji.  Like more than a 13 year old girl would use.  He’s always used the kissy winky emoji.  To his arsenal lately he has added a clown (what the fuck?), a big red pair of lips, hearts and his latest and greatest; a bed emoji.  Again, what the fuck?  He filled me in on the new furniture that he purchased yesterday.  A dining room table & chairs, a few end tables, some lamps and “a new bed frame – very sturdy” followed by some weirdly unsettling emojis.  I fully ‘get’ that if I was totally into him that these little oddities probably wouldn’t bother me.  Guess what?  They do.  I find them creepy.  I can almost hear his lascivious laugh when I see them.


He invited me to go hot tubbing last night.  To be clear, the invitation came in promptly at 6pm for later that night.  I’ve told him several times that I’m a planner and that if he wants to be able to see me, asking in advance is usually the best way to guarantee that I don’t already have plans (which I did).  I told him I wasn’t able and suggested that he call in a ‘2nd stringer’ to join him.  He said that was a fabulous idea then almost immediately followed it up with ‘there’s only one gal for me and she’s always freaking busy’.  Assuming he meant me.  Not sure why he finds it so hard to plan/invite me in advance.


8 Responses to “Well That Didn’t Last Long….”

  1. kkatch22 Says:

    If he wants you, make him work for it….ie PLAN IN ADVANCE! You deserve more than to be an afterthought. He’s being Neanderthal…me horny, me want woman. Evolve Mr English!!!

  2. errrr no! You’re no mans afterthought!!

  3. Pam Says:

    And now you know…..

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