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What Now April 24, 2018

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So weird. Or maybe not. We texted pretty much the entire day yesterday. He’s sent me ‘good morning, Grey’ texts the past couple of days. That alone is enough to make me smile and I KNOW how lame that makes me sound. Whatever. It just does. Feel free to unfollow me.

He sent me a text when he was off work last night. Didn’t hear much from him after that. We send each other U Tube links to songs we like throughout the day. We chat about nothing. He sends me pics of where he’s working. Last night, aside from 2 music links sent, I heard nothing.

He has a hard job when he’s away. He works long hours. I assume he’s exhausted when he gets off work. The fact that we used to have 8 hour phone conversations though makes me wonder. I do believe he’s a loner at heart. I do also believe that he’s kind of desperate to find someone. I don’t mean desperate in a ‘he’s a loser and should feel lucky that anyone will give him the time of day’ way. He’s not. He’s highly intelligent, he’s super attractive, he’s upbeat and friendly. He’s also new to online dating and I am just going to assume that as quickly as he moved with me, he will with the next one. He responds to ALL online messages that he receives. He feels that it’s rude not to. He is quick to give out his phone number and exchange personal information. In the one day that he was online before, in addition to sending out countless messages, he had already invited someone over to watch a movie (and, I swear to god, he was actually going to watch a movie), had a date set up, had spoken to someone at length already (who he proceeded to confuse me with in details) and me. I tried to warn him, when we 1st started chatting, that there are some weird and dishonest people online and that he just got lucky finding me as I’m one of the more normal ones (shut up! I am!).

I feel as if he’s already back online looking. Attempting to line up dates for when he gets back to town on Thursday. I also feel he may have been back on line before he dumped me. He assumed that I was (I wasn’t), so I’m pretty sure he re-activated his profile last week. I have no idea whether this is true or not, but our lack of evening contact leads me to believe that he’s concentrating on others. Or maybe not. Maybe he’s reading. Maybe he’s playing minecraft. Maybe he’s talking to his brother or his friends on the phone. Maybe he’s sleeping. I just don’t know. It’s just how my mind works. 😦

I’ve always been this way. Kind of why I hate text messaging. If someone, who I know has his phone with him pretty much always, takes more than 32 milliseconds to respond, I automatically assume they’re ignoring me. That we’re over. It’s the most horrible habit in the world and SO self defeating. I never mention this to them as it would sound as lame and needy as it truly is and would probably send them running in the opposite direction, so I just keep this dirty little secret to myself and create scenarios that may, or may not be linked to any semblance of reality.


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