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Uber July 9, 2018

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Well, I opted to have faith in Mr. OoT to pick me up at the airport after my (amazing) mini vacation so optimistically hopped in my Uber at 4am last Wednesday and headed to the airport with my new bff Debbie. Okay, so we’re noy really bffs, but any Uber driver that is awake and working to take pour souls across town to the airport are probably really good people. Really good tired people.

Mr. OoT was a bit distant while I was away. No great surprise there. I decided to ‘mirror’ his communication. If he wasn’t going to check in until 4pm, then neither would I. Take that all you passive aggressive 14 year olds!

I was already annoyed about the whole ‘stranded on the side of a Mexican highway’ thing, so I was pretty okay with the lack of communication. Btw, he has since explained his reasoning behind said shitty boyfriend behaviour and although the way his mind works is completely fucked up (to me), it made sense. Kind of…..

Anywho, during my flight home I was preparing myself for him not being there to get me. That his car broke down. That there was an accident. That he had decided to run off with The Hairdresser and live happily ever after. He had assured me, several times, that he would be there, but still this IS Mr. OoT we’re talking about here…..


2 Responses to “Uber”

  1. Arghhhhhh!! You did NOT just leave me stranded on the information superhighway!!

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