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So This Is Love….. July 13, 2018

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No, not me you big nimrods. Mr. OoT’s family! They love me! Duh. I was only sort of socially awkward around them. Apparently not enough to deter their love of me as they told Mr. OoT to try not to fuck it up with me! Haha!

I was super nervous to meet his out of state daughter. The fact that she is still close to Mr. OoT’s most recent girlfriend of 5 years and was staying with her certainly didn’t help. What can I say? She’s amazing. She’s just 21 years old (I think), married and has an adorable baby. Well adjusted, head on straight, kind, smart, caring and funny. And she rides Mr. OoT for the same things I do. Hard to believe she came from Mr. OoT’s DNA. I can’t say enough good things about her & I won’t bore you with the details, but Mr. OoT told me that she said she liked me much more than she thought she would and begged him to keep his crazy tucked in so as not to scare me away. πŸ˜‰

I also met his favorite sister for the 1st time and all I can say there is that she very well may be my spirit animal. How she & Mr. OoT came from the same parents I will never understand. She’s brilliant, logical, witty and has a shit ton of opposing viewpoints to Mr. OoT. She likes that I call him out on his shit. That I’m not like any of his past girlfriends (duh). That she sees a change in him.

Mr. OoT is trying. He really is. He’s cut back on the weed consumption and didn’t get high once while I was there (BIG step for him). I think he finally ‘heard’ me when I said that his personality is different towards me when high, that it’s not doing his memory (or lack thereof) any favors and that I liked him better when he’s not stoned. The fact that he didn’t get high with his family (which apparently is a bonding thing?) was HUGE. I’d never ask him to stop completely (although I’d love it if he did), but I did ask him not to do it when I’m around. Especially considering he told me he wouldn’t at the very beginning and then proceeded to. Every. Single. Time. Instead of calling me closed minded and getting defensive like he has in the past, we discussed and he listened. Major step for him.

Now, back to the family. He has some BIG personalities in his family. Including a shit stirring, exhausting 20 year old drama queen of a niece. She has a LOT going on in that head of hers and she likes to share it with the world. I liked her when I met her and kinda ‘got’ why she is the way she is. She did however opt to do something SUPER shady while I was there and thinks that no one knows it was her. Sorry hun, I know. And I’m none too pleased by it. Not sure why she did what she did, but it was a direct hit and the source of the one disagreement that Mr. OoT and I had. It was an intentional poke at me and bordered on cruel, so my ‘like’ of her waned after that night. I’ll chalk it up to being an angsty drama queen who likes to make others feel as uncomfortable as she does, but still. She knew what she was doing and it kind of flabbergasted me.

Aside from that one ‘blip’, it was a good time. Mr. OoT was super affectionate, we had some great talks and I enjoyed meeting so much of his family.

After 7 straight days of people, activities, lack of sleep and more people though, I was ready for a break. Being an introvert at heart added to the whole empath thing, I was exhausted. Physically and mentally. 7 days of nonstop people is a lot for me. Before I headed home on that last day though, me, Mr. OoT, his daughter and her son (Mr. OoT hates being referred to as a grandfather) ran errands. Target, Costco (twice), gas station, car wash and lunch. All non exciting every day errands. Just the 3.5 of us. And it was the BEST day of the whole time there……


8 Responses to “So This Is Love…..”

  1. What did she do? I’m so curious now.
    Anna x

  2. ppp1brain Says:

    This. Is. AWESOME!!!
    May all of your experiences with Mr Oot continue to bring growth. 😊

  3. Awww!! That sounds wonderful!
    The niece needs some of my ex lax chocolate cake. Jus’ sayin’..

  4. […] the drama queen shit stirring niece of Mr. OoT and the shitty thing she did? Yeah, that’s what this post is […]

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