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On This Day….. July 17, 2018

You know how FB sends you ‘memories’ from previous years? Some are amazing memories and bring a smile to my face. Some make me think and realize how things have changed. There’s the whole remembrance of outings with friends. Of good times had. Of evolutions made. Of changes in circumstances. Then again, once every blue moon you get a ‘memory’ that you wish they wouldn’t have sent. From eight years ago:

some jack-hole from match (yes, i know) just sent me this: “I’m not married by choice. Ur a 42 yo w-no kids never married. Lol
Very odd for a woman. You better work on yourself. Who d want advice from u. I just re looked@your pics. I saw them hours ago. No wonder I forgot them. What a AVE looking plain jane. Not enough booze in AZ for me to date u. I wouldn’t walk across the ST. to say hi to u ! Get over your extremely ave self. You’re somebodys 10. Lol. Your a 5-6 to me. I date8s. Commit to 9s. There’s not a plastic surgeon ,that can get u to a 7! Lol”

Uhm, what the fuck? I’m wracking my brain to try to remember this guy or what the circumstances were to deserve such an awesome message, but I can’t. And that’s probably a good thing.

Ahhh, online dating. How I love you so. Not.

NEVER LET ANYONE DEFINE YOUR SELF WORTH! This took me a looooong time to fully embrace. I’m pretty sure this message knocked me on my ass for a few days back then (and might actually still if I were to receive this message today). Looks are just looks. Superficial assholes are just superficial assholes. I can only hope that Karma has done it’s work on this idiot.


12 Responses to “On This Day…..”

  1. Why would anyone say such ugly shit??? Jeez the mind boggles

    • Right? I am just hoping, although I can’t even remember this (thank g-d), that I sent a scathing response, having nothing to do with looks, but instead his black soul, and that he never sent another message like this to anyone ….

  2. ppp1brain Says:

    These thoughts come to mind upon reading your memory:
    No question why that guy is single.

    Incredulous at his display of ugliness.

  3. I can’t believe people when they do shit like that. I would never dream of talking to anyone in that way, I will never understand why they feel it’s ok to attack others in such personally ways and how their conscience lets them live with it!?!

    • 100% agree. To be so completely evil and go after the jugular is unforgivable. I was bullied as a kid for my looks and that shit sticks. I know none of it is true now, but damn…for an adult to do that?! Crazy shitty

  4. kkatch22 Says:

    Wow!! I’m still trying to get my jaw off the floor from that one!! What an asshat!! Clearly someone who has been shot down and feels putting others down gives him some kind of revenge. I’m sorry you had to deal with that a year ago. And I’m sorry you were reminded of it again.

  5. Mecca Says:

    I’m just trying to wrap my head around what “grown man” types like that?!

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