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The Photo July 18, 2018

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Mr. OoT and I got some super photos with each other during my/his last visit. Too bad that’s not what this post is about.

Remember the drama queen shit stirring niece of Mr. OoT and the shitty thing she did? Yeah, that’s what this post is regarding.

There were 13 of us in the front room of Mr. OoT’s place. Cramped is an understatement. Most people were sitting on the floor. Not me. I don’t do floors. I was sitting in a chair about 6″ from the front of Mr. OoT’s fridge. That was sort of my spot that weekend. Mr. OoT keeps lots of photos on the front of his fridge that I like to look at. While I’ve never actually moved the photos to see if there were any hidden gems, I loved the photos I could see. They were of Mr. OoT and his kids and they were very sweet. He and his daughter. He and his son. His son and his daughter….you get the idea.

Not that day. Heaven knows where she found it, but when I turned my head to look at the photos the one that stared back at me was of Mr. OoT smiling away with the 5 year girlfriend and her family. What the fuck?

To be clear, everyone has a past. Duh. Everyone has exes. This wasn’t a photo of any of the kids’ moms. It wasn’t a photo containing any of Mr. OoT’s family. It was just Mr. OoT, his ex and her family. Two questions came to mind: #1) why the hell is that photo still around and not filed away somewhere and #2) why the HELL is it center stage on the fridge & staring me in the face?

I have never felt that ‘her’ and Mr. OoT’s story was over. They’ve dated 3 separate times over a 25 year period. He has NO closure on the situation. Their breakup was sudden and weird. Although he tells me there is no way he’d get back with her and that he’s way more into me than he ever was with her, I don’t fully buy it.

Anyway, 2 of his sisters were in earshot when I reactively said ‘what the fuck?’. The spirit animal sister completely understood. The other sister didn’t get it. Dumbass. She was all ‘It’s only a photo and they did date for 5 years’. Uh, sure thing dipshit, I get that, but WHY should I have to look at this photo? The shit stirring neice who did it was all ‘I think it’s a cute photo of everyone’. Again, what the fuck? She knew it wad his ex in the pic. They had met several times. She knew exactly what she was doing. I just can’t figure out why….

Anyway, you know who else didn’t get why I was upset? Mr. OoT. Super. He was all team ‘ it’s just a picture ‘ and could not get it through his head why I was upset about it a) still being anywhere but in a drawer somewhere and b) staring me right in the face on the front of his fridge.

I asked him how he would feel if I had a photo of me, my ex and his family still stuck to my fridge. He said he wouldn’t care. Right. This from the guy who assumed I was seeing someone else and got pissed when I posted a pic of myself and my bff’s son on Instagram….. I was super annoyed at that point and opted to take my dog for an extended walk. I avoided being in the kitchen the rest of the day.

Best part of the whole thing? When he brought it up again hours & hours later when we were lying in bed, I was still trying to get him to understand why it upset me. He asked, I shit you not, if I wanted him to take it down. WHAT THE HOLY FUCK?!? It was still up there!!! I was dumbfounded to hear that he (or anyone else) hadn’t taken it down earlier.



4 Responses to “The Photo”

  1. 1. The niece is a four letter word. That was an appalling breach of taste and manners. Not her house, not her photos, not her business.
    2. I don’t think the photo being there is a problem – it sounds as though it was buried and she had to go hunting for it so in fairness, it was probably forgotten. I do think how it was handled was a problem though.
    Mother of niece should have WTF’d her to Tuesday. If I was Mr Oot I’d have had to say something like “Seriously?!” I WOULD have downplayed it and laughed at her and made it obvious her game was wasted. I’d have left it there but aside, I’d have said to you don’t buy into her game and removed it when said niece left -but I have a brain not a dick so I think better!
    I think how it was all handled gave her the effect she was looking for. Next time you’re in her company take your poker face! No more satisfaction for that little shit stirrer! Definitely a learning curve for mr oot too as he needs to think a little more on communication!

    • No one (including the shit stirring niece) knows I know who put the photo there. I wish I would have been more mature/composed/low key about the whole thing, but I wasn’t. It caught me completely off guard and then sister, niece AND Mr. OoT not getting why it would bother me and think it was disrespectful just made it worse. Luckily the SSN lives out of state….

  2. kkatch22 Says:

    Dude, that was just not okay…britchy is right, you gave her the desired effect. You gotta reign that shit in if you’re gonna survive the tactical warfare. However, I’m wondering if OOT is worth all this shit? Is he gonna have your back in tough times? Or is he gonna throw you under the bus and then ask how the tire tracks got there?

  3. Hiya! How was vacay? Okay, so I think ‘tactical warfare’ is a bit harsh for the bitchy actions of a 20 year old niece 😉 Reigning my shit in is a dream of mine. I haven’t mastered it in 50 years, so not sure it’s ever going to happen. As for if Mr. OoT is worth all of this? I’m not sure. I think he might be, but it’s too soon to know for sure. His brain just works SO differently. Not better or worse, just different…

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