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Here I Sit July 29, 2018

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I’m presently sitting in Mr. OoT’s apartment, having arrived 4 hours late after a hugely stressful day.  What the fuck is going on with everything?! Once finally on the road, I texted him to let him know and he told me to drive safely and asked if I wanted him to order in dinner for us.  So nice!  I said that would be terrific and he let me choose.


Dinner arrived way before I did and he waited (as he should have).  We had a little fun before eating and then had dinner together.  Chatting about nothing in particular.  He asked me how the issue I was having last week business-wise had turned out and I told him the whole shit storm of a story.  As if right on cue, I get a phone call.  At 9pm on a Sunday evening with yet ANOTHER business issue.  This one I had NO clue how to solve.  I went into overdrive calling everyone I could think of that might be able to help to no avail.  The customer was justifiably upset, but was not ‘hearing’ the solutions that I was presenting her.  Super frustrating and took over 2 hours to finally get settled.  2 hours of me on the phone, sending e mails, FB messages, smoke signals and generally trying not to have a complete melt down.  Mr. OoT asked if there was anything he could do.  Sadly, there wasn’t.  He sat with me for about 30 minutes and then kissed me on the forehead and told me he’d be in the other room if I needed anything.  Smart move on his part as a Grey Goose melt down is NOT something that anyone wants to be in the direct pathway of.


I finally got everything resolved a bit before midnight and went in search of Mr. OoT.  He was sound asleep.  As he should be.  He had a looong and rough day as well, but mine seemed to trump his.  This is NOT how I wanted our 1st night together after 3 weeks to go down.  He’s been sweet, supportive and has done his best to calm me down.  This is NOT a good side of me and one that does not appear very often.  He seemed to handle it well.


While he sleeps, I am up, at ten ’til one in the morning typing this presumably disconnected blog post (you’re welcome).  I guess we’ll see what tomorrow (more like later today) holds ………….


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