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Candles & Relationships July 7, 2019

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Candles are a good comparison for relationships, doncha think? Some shine bright, some flicker out sooner than you hoped, some smell awesome, some leave a bit to be desired. Some are cheap and don’t require a big investment, some you save up for and know it will be something special. Some you’re super excited to test out only to be disappointed. The options, and outcomes, are quite similar.

I love me some scented candles. I’m pretty specific, however, on the scents I like. My favorites are vanilla based. Straight vanilla, snickerdoodle, cinnamon bun, lemon vanilla, vanilla cupcake; you get the idea. My least favorite (bordering on vomit-inducing) are fruit scents. Any fruit scent. I hate them. HATE them.

Mr. OoT and I have had this discussion dozens of times. He used to vape. I used to request he not vape fruit flavors around me. His favorites were Strawberry Sorbet and Mango. They always made me nauseous. Either he would forget my request/preference or just didn’t care about my request/preference and continued to vape them. Super annoying. He’d have a mini hissy fit every time I’d remind him that I don’t like fruit scents and would, more times than not, say “oh, why haven’t you ever told me this?”. Uh……As he has since quit vaping, it’s no longer an issue. Lucky me.

He was at a store a few weeks ago and we were talking about scented candles again (I know, weird). I went thru my highs (vanilla) and lows (anything fruit). Again he sounded like this was all new information, but whatevs. He bought a Sandalwood scented candle for himself and a Cinnamon Vanilla for me. Sounds yummy, yes? I’d love to tell you how delicious it smelled, but since I never actually received said candle, I can’t. He opted to keep it for himself. Boo.

Anywho, he tells me the other day that he is sending me a surprise! What?! Yey! I love surprises! He then tells me it’s a shock collar for my dog. WTF?! As he knows I’m SUPER against shock collars, I found this a curious (and infuriating) choice. Instead of pointing this out, I say “oh, silly me, I thought you were sending me a sweet, good smelling surprise”. He totally picks up on my not so subtle hint and about a minute later says “You should be expecting a scented candle on Saturday. I hope you love the one I chose for you”. Yey me! No way he can mess this up! Winning.

Saturday comes and my beautiful candle arrives. Funny, I’ve never seen a light green colored vanilla based candle. Oh, okay, that’s because it wasn’t vanilla. It was fucking Pear & Kiwi!! Not Winning ☹


6 Responses to “Candles & Relationships”

  1. ppp1brain Says:

    He’s a narcissist.
    Get out while you can.

    Then, learn to keep away from this type.

  2. He sounds pretty much like a fruit candle… annoying daily – wick in, wick out!(spelling?!) 😉

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