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Young, Tall & Broken July 19, 2019

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So the online dating has begun again. Yey me. And them. And the universe. So far I’ve messaged with 2 suspected catfish, 1 out of towner, a sprinkling of men who feel that “Hello” is a good initial message in it’s entirety. I love dating.

I came across a super cute, tall and inappropriately young ginger yesterday. I read his profile and he spoke of his 2 young toddlers. No thank you. As I’m trying to bank some karmic bonus points, I decided to message him anyway. Not with the intention of flirting, but instead simply stating that although I was not a good match for him that I thought he was very attractive. I then wished him well in finding someone terrific.

He wrote back almost immediately and said “don’t count yourself out; I’ve done the Barbie thing twice before and I got my heart broken.” Uhm, did he not realize that his phrasing of what I will assume was meant to be nice was insulting?

Anyway, we started messaging a bit and he seemed very nice, but a little bit broken. As we chatted more, he started to mention his ex wife. Er, rarely a good thing off the bat. When he proceeded to call her a cold hearted bitch, I told him that was awfully harsh and he probably needed to work on his unresolved feelings before he attempts to date again.

He then apologized, asked if I wanted to meet and then proceeded to send me 13 unresponded to messages over the next 4 hours. 🙄


8 Responses to “Young, Tall & Broken”

  1. ppp1brain Says:

    Ms Grey:
    I was raised by a strong woman who disliked me, and a weaker man of whom I held the utmost respect. It wasn’t until my divorce that I understood all this. I was 50. This year, it’s been 2 years since I’ve dated and I couldn’t be happier. There is no one to tell me I’m too thin or too fat, or that I look too young for my age… I’m finished with the online dating. Most of those dudes are watching porn….

    What I’m saying: you are talented, strong, and, like me – hoping for someone to share life with. That takes a certain man who grasps your strength and is willing to bolster that aspect of you.

    I’m to the point if that never happens, im good, but I’m almost 61.

    Continuing to wish you happiness- P

    • Thank you so much. You sound like a strong and smart woman indeed. I hope to get to the place where I just don’t even think about it anymore. Some days that seems easier than others 💕

      • ppp1brain Says:

        There are indeed days when I wish there was someone to share my day – but – I majevit thru those moments to when it’s night and I can go right to sleep 😊
        But I’m not in my 40’s anymore
        I ‘get’ where you’re coming from and who knows, you just might find a healthy one !! Ever cheering for you – P

        • Nights are the hardest for me. My brain never shuts off and I rarely sleep. Boo.

          As for finding a healthy one. Hmmm, I’m not positive there are any in my age group at this point 😉

  2. Mecca Says:

    Wow. Yes, he definitely has some demons to take care of before jumping back into the dating pool.

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