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The Kiss Of Death September 15, 2020

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It seemed that travel plans would always mark a breakup for Mr. OoT and I. I love to travel and let’s face it, it’s just more fun (and affordable) with 2.

I planned a trip overseas for his 48th birthday. The day after his birthday he thanked me for ruining his birthday and congratulated me on making it the worst birthday ever for him. Uhm, okay. We broke up that day.

We planned the next overseas trip for the following February. We broke up (again) in January.

I planned (and paid for) an overseas trip for his 50th birthday in December. We broke up in August.

More than half of our breakups happened while at my south of the border happy place. One of these days I may put the effort into deciding if that was strategic on his part.

Come to think of it, we actually don’t travel well together. He would inevitably throw a hissy fit about heaven knows what and it was always a main priority to do and see whatever he wanted 1st.

The February trip (where we had separate rooms) and he was trying to win me back was the only great trip we’ve had. He had promised me, at the end of the trip, that if I could find a specific trip within his budget for Italy, he would pay for me to go. What? A free trip to Italy?!? Of course I was going to take him up on that! I also made a promise to myself that we would NOT get back together and that I was just in it for the future promised free travel.



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